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Escape with Epic fantasy of all kinds: sword & sorcery, secondary world, historical, dragons, castles, knights, made-up creatures.

Dragon Speaker
Elana A. Mugdan
Keriya Nameless has no magical powers, which is considered a disability in her world of Allentria. D...
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Stephanie Ayers
"The prophecy must be fulfilled" says the Great Druid Ravengale, but has he called on the right pers...
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The Mirror Wars: The Marauder
Sean Hogan
She's an ill-tempered, hot-blooded, stubborn, fearless blonde who wields a magic sword with near lim...
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Angel City Stories trilogy book 1: The Family...
david cloud salazar
keywords: dcsalazar, angel city stories ,werewolf,

Sigmund always believed that the only reality...
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Molten Heart
Katie Salidas
Dax thought he knew everything about fire, but when he meets Jane, she ignites an entirely new kind...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
Some say this book has a harry potter feeling, but it's a completely novel story and unique magic wo...
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Fallen to Grace
AJ Flowers
2017 eFestival of Words Best Fantasy Finalist!

Azrael's a wingless angel, and if...
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Chad Schimke
Midwinter by Chad Schimke - A fantasy horror short story, just in time for Christmas. During the win...
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Deliverance at Van Demon’s Deep
S. P. Stevens
How far does camaraderie stretch, when it’s life and death?

Demon’s Deep mine is out of action. T...
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Island of Fog
Keith Robinson
A group of twelve-year-old children tucked away on a hidden island discover they're shapeshifters, a...
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A Hill on Which to Die
Joe Vasicek
As the witch-king forces the mountain clans to join his orcish army, Garak-Nur must lead the last of...
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S.G. Prince
It's against the law for humans and elves to fall in love. But laws can be broken.
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Kevin Potter
See through the eyes of dragons in this thrilling epic fantasy adventure.

Enter t...
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The King's Sorceress (The Sorceress Saga 1)
Giselle Schneider
The Sorceress Saga: Book 1
One girl’s daring escape to save the last kingdom in the realm.&...
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The Child Wound in Gold
Megan O'Russell
A little knock taps on the door,
A little girl hiding under the floor,
The safety...
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The Crimson Cobra
Thomas Green
Slavers attack the village. Evelyn's peaceful night at the local inn thus turns into a battle for su...
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Daylights affliction
Julian Soriano
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The Watcher of the Night Sky
Rachel Pudsey
Fifteen-year-old Abigail Crumble was never much for talking about love and marriage and other such n...
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Sisters of Wind and Flame
Jennifer Ellision
Before she was the King's assassin...
Before she hunted Elementals...
She thirsted...
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Talon (The Windwalker Archive Trilogy Book 1)
Michael Ploof
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Discoveries: Voyages of Fortune Book Zero (An...
Andrew Anzur Clement
January 1898 – A girl is playing in a ruined castle. She discovers a supernatural artifact. One entr...
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The Deal
S Cunningham Books
5* Provocative Amy Fox hates rules. A new Angel, but for how long? Abusing her powers, lusting afte...
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Keys of the Origin
Melissa A. Joy
In a world where ancient races still dwell, events of an age-old prophecy stir. From the pages of a...
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Against the Beast
RJ Batla
One man may hold the key to stopping a monster. When he comes face to face with the beast, will he r...
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Cube of Trevalia
L.J. Capehart
To a 13-year-old boy, still grieving from the loss of his father two years ago, a curious metallic c...
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The Best Laid Plans
K.T. Davies
Did you hear the one about the thief and the sorcerer who went to rob a senator? No, of course you d...
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Winter of the Gods and Other Stories
E.P. Clark
"So which danger are you, grandmother? Wolves? Snow? Hunger? Or something other?"
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Striking Out
Jamie Edmundson
Starting over is hard. Sometimes it's the only option.

Since she was a young girl, Moneva has wor...
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Divine Prey
Chris Andrews
For thousands of years the Gods have been fighting to outwit each other in the ultimate war for supr...
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Six Shiny Silver Coins and the Ridiculous Ruc...
Emily Martha Sorensen
"The Fates see all and hear all. The king will perform a great act of generosity before the sun sets...
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Ardalia: The Breath of Aoles (Book One)
Alan Spade
Pelmen hates being a tanner, but that’s all he would ever be, thanks to the rigid caste system among...
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Servant of the Crown (Heir to the Crown: Book...
Paul J Bennett
An old warrior, too stubborn to die.
A royal heir, hidden at birth.
Can they save a realm on the b...
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The Dragonslayer's Sword
Resa Nelson
Astrid assumed all dragons should be killed – until she met one that changed her mind.
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Tonya Coffey
Clytie, a Valkyrie, finds herself questioning Odin's orders when Psyche comes for a shape-shifting p...
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The Legend Begins
Georgina Makalani
In all corners of the world men whisper about the legends of Iski Flare filling their mundane lives...
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The Renegade Apprentice (Heirs of Destiny #0)
Andy Peloquin
A desperate breakout. A perilous life on the streets. A fight to the death.

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CB Samet
In the wake of the king's death, the forces of Bellos descends upon Karnelik. The Karnelik army prep...
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Blood of a Sultan
Fuad Baloch
A bumbling city guard. A ghastly murder. Terror in the Sultan's Realm.

A grisly crime and a griev...
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Irving Wishbutton and the Questing Academy
Brian Clopper
Welcome to the Questing Academy, a school devoted to helping book characters learn their roles. They...
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If the Shoe Fits
Stephanie Ayers
What if the story you've always heard was wrong? What if it held a very big secret? What if Cinderel...
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Michael Timmins
Quint is accused of murdering his love.

Innocent, and on the run, his only hope t...
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Fire & Ice
Patty Jansen
Where magic is dark and gritty, characters troubled and twisted, and victory comes at a heavy price....
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Escape: Betrayer Awakened Season 1 Episode 1
Richelle Sepulveda
He wants the peace of death, but his soul cannot rest until he earns it.

Entombed and forced to r...
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The Flame Queen
Dax Munro
One woman will take back her freedom. And rise.

Violetta will never forget that day. Guilt shadow...
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Horse Sense
Jeffrey Bardwell
What good are a sword and a badge against magic spells?

Private Jemmy joined the...
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Dragon Assassin 1: Twin Fury
Arthur Slade
She's tough.

She's training to be a brilliant assassin.

And she has a dragon as a secret weapo...
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The River's Bane - A Bander Adventure
Randy Nargi
A Sword & Sorcery Adventure: Bander’s appearance is deceiving. Looking at his hulking, battle-scarre...
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Venom and Vines
D.H. Dunn
Braving the dark and forbidden depths of the Great Wood alone, Valaen must abandon his quest to find...
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