Welcome to the Sexee Reads Valentines Day Giveaway! Over 70 USA TODAY and Amazon bestselling authors have joined together to give you the best Valentine's Day Present - Ever! Free eBooks! Who needs men when you can sail off into the horizon with the book boyfriend of your dreams? ;)

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Sweet Daddy: Part One
Rachel Burns
Come and Get Your Love
Tina Donahue
Baby Love - a romantic comedy
Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Stranded With Charlotte
Mark SR Sterling
The Barbarian's Captive
Maddie Taylor
Piper Stone
Unorthodox Therapy
Lilah E. Noir
Bambi's Alien Abduction
Aubrey Cara
Born to be Bound
Addison Cain
Passing Through
Alexa Day
Gemma James
Beautifying Bernadette
Delia Grace
Ride Me Dirty
Vanessa Vale
Their Captive Mate
Lila's Loves
Laylah Roberts
One More Time
S. Van Horne
A Touch of Blackmail (A Romantic Comedy - wit...
Tara Crescent
Spanking Ms. Whitman
Kate Richards
Miami Inferno
Elle Boon
Bastards & Whiskey
Alta Hensley
The Solicitation
Bella Bryce
Acting Lessons
Kathryn Blake
Black Light: Cuffed
Measha Stone
Arrogant (A Real Man, 6)
Jenika Snow
Bind Special Edition
Sierra Cartwright
Taking Her in Hand
Stormy Night Publications
Black Light: Rocked
Livia Grant
Bearly Shifted
Surrender to the Cyborgs (DONE)
Too Hot To Handle Book Club
Star Power
Morticia Knight
Big Blue Valentine: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance
Sue Lyndon
Iron Dominance
Cari Silverwood
His Human Rebel (Zandian Masters Book 4)
Renee Rose
Dark Control
Annabel Joseph
The Velvet Chair
Christina Mandara
A Well Placed Wish
Allysa Hart
Logan's Need (The Escort Series, Book 3)
Sloane Kennedy
The Officer's Little Girl
Meredith O'Reilly
A Sterling Maid for You
Sahalie Blue
Grizzly Mountain
Becca Jameson
Catching Her Cowboy Daddy
My Bloody Valentine
Kat Crimson
The Dragon's Secret
Megan Michaels
Claimed: Brides of the Kindred Book 1
Evangeline Anderson
Natasha Knight
Jamie Phillips