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Claimed: Dark Breeds of the Lycans
LaSasha Flame
Our Fathers
Simon Carr
Who Cares!!?
JHK. Ghost
Siege of Titan (Star Crusades Uprising Book 1...
Michael Thomas
Michael W. Huard
Blind Edge: A US Army Detective Regan Chase T...
Candace Irving
Future Apocalypse, Journey to the City of Tec...
Barbara J. Gilbert
Bob and the blob
Simon Carr
Origins: Adam
N.E. Michael
The Lone Ranger
R.T. Samuel
The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Boo...
noah michael
Into the Darkness
Katie Blackwell
Issaura's Claws: Book One of The Incarn Saga...
Katharine Wibell
Where the Sun Rises
Suzanne Strong
Sarah Buhrman
Shadow Ballet- Betrayal
Izabell Key
The Gadgeteer
Gin Hollan
Tabula Rasa
Filip Forsberg
Future Apocalypse, Beginnings - A Time Trave...
Barbara J. Gilbert
Paul Rix
RUEIN: Rue's Requiem
G.O. Turner
Unknown Enemy: Broken Earth Book 1
Nick S. Thomas
The Beast Hunter: A Keltin Moore Adventure
Lindsay Schopfer
R.T. Samuel
The Imperial Alchemist
A.H. Wang
The Chamber of Genesis
N.E. Michael
Battle Beyond Earth: Resurrection
Nick S. Thomas
Mark I Jacobson
Two From The Ashes
Earl T. Roske
Establishment Protocol
Eric Warren
Echo Six: Black Ops - Raid on Somalia
Eric Meyer
Star Crusader: Hero of the Alliance
Michael Thomas
Raw Kingdom: Prelude
Y. Daher
Battle Earth
Nick S. Thomas
GAME SPACE - 1st 12 Chapters
Peter Jay Black
Salvage Rat—An excerpt
Larry N. Martin
Blood Black
Paul Devereaux