Dear Donors, Volunteers, Contributors, Students, and Families,

Thank you very much for all of the hard work you've put into making this science fair a success.
Choose as many books as you like from the list below. Follow instructions on how to download the ebooks onto your digital devices.

These authors donated their stories out of the goodness of their hearts. If you would like to thank them, please leave reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. Thank you!

Congratulations to all!

Olga Werby,
Chair of The Board of Directors
The Golden Gate STEM Fair
San Francisco, CA

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A Brush with Vampires (The Vampire Hunters of...
Betsy Flak
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
Song of Nighttide
Megan O'Russell
80AD - The Jewel of Asgard (Book 1)
Aiki Flinthart
The Society of Imaginary Friends (Book 1 of T...
Kristen Pham
Invisible Me
Debbi Mack
Lauren Harris
Colored Rink (Book 1 of The G.A.M.E.Z. Duolog...
E Darkwood
The Freya Snow Pup Trilogy: Books 1-3
L.C. Mawson
Misanthrope Beechworth & The Dustwaste Wellsp...
Jeremy Rodden
Hidden: A Crossroads Tale
Lori Saltis
Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
Lizard Girl & Ghost: The Chronicles of DaDA I...
Olga Werby
Find Me sample
Francesca Riley
All's Well That Ends
Tina Jones Williams
Pigeon (The Ornis Experiment Book 1)
Olga Werby
The Unleashed Creation
Betsy Flak
Becoming Animals
Olga Werby
Not Alone
E Darkwood
Find Me Begins, A Prequel
Francesca Riley
Daughters of the Past: A Historical Fiction A...
Nola Li Barr