Thanksgiving is coming and you'll need to recharge after your third serving of stuffing and that early-morning shopping-battle at Wal-Mart with new, page-turning horror, science fiction and fantasy short stories that delight, impress and thrill. Pick up a few now.

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Trading Knives
P. H Solomon
Charlotte's Army
Patty Jansen
Mars: A Traveler's Guide
Ruth Nestvold
Man at Large: A Red Pill Science Fiction Roma...
George Donnelly
Investing Isobella
Jason Werbeloff
The Eyes in the Dark
Chris Ward
The Muse of Love and Pain - A Collection of D...
A. X. Salvo
The Man Behind The Bar
Chris Sarantopoulos
Dark Vibes Issue 1
Andrew Pawley
Second Chances
Jaleta Clegg
Z-Minus 1
Perrin Briar
TE Olivant
Monster Maelstrom: A Flash Fiction Halloween...
George Donnelly
At Horizon's End
Chris Sarantopoulos
Dark Origins: Herr Graden: Book 1: Short Stor...
Bill Hargenrader
Praxis Novellas, Mosaic Chronicles Book Two
Andrea Pearson
A Fairy Tail and Out of the Bag
Xina Marie Uhl
Mars Journey: Call to Action Book 1
Bill Hargenrader
The Devil Hath the Power
Bill Hiatt
Dark Dancer
Jaleta Clegg
Rebel Magic
N. R. Hairston
In the Shade of the Ishtar Trees
JP Medved
T'nari Blood Claim: Short Story
Erin MacMichael
Let Go
Michael Patrick Hicks
Zombies From Space...and Vampires
Angela B. Chrysler
Tales from the Mosspark Universe - Volume 1
Neil Mosspark
Captured By The Beast
Daniella Wright
C is for Cookie
The Contractors: A Justice Incorporated Short...
JP Medved
Stolen Magic
N. R. Hairston
Bishop & Rook
Antoine Henderson
Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis
Perrin Briar
Falling for Q46F
Jason Werbeloff
Seven Years Among Dragons: A Solarpunk Fairyt...
Lyssa Chiavari
Inner Demons
Ellen South
A Royal Game
Antoine Henderson
Undad - Chapter One
Shane W Smith
Pulp Grind Press
Touch of Darkness
Dawn Husted
Tales from the Mosspark Universe: Vol. 2
Neil Mosspark
Bride of the Swamp God
Davide Mana
Graxin: A Short Story (with Bonus Super Short...
Kerry Nietz
The Feeder
CW Hawes
Curious Goods - Pandora's Box (Book 1)
Bones Monroe
Compendium - Short Stories
Matthew Mather
Scorched: Sun Extinction
Melanie Karsak
The Warrior and the Holy Man
Kyra Halland
Zero Hour: A Short Story: Zero Hour Series Pa...
Eamon Ambrose