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As someone who used to decide which books did, or did not, get conventionally published, I've carefully limited this giveaway to books I personally believe in...but admit that I have also included my own latest release!

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Girl of Glass
Megan O'Russell
Two worlds... one glass wall... no turning back.
The human race has been divided. The chosen few live in the sa...
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Ambassador 1: Seeing Red
Patty Jansen
24 October 2114: the day that shocked the world.

Young diplomat Cory Wilson narrowly escapes death in...
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The Memory Thief
Sarina Dorie
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Hypercage: Instant Reality Prequel One
Craig Lea Gordon
Cyberpunk Techno-Thriller with a twist of darkness where reality unravels in ways unimaginable. Jacked into the construc...
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SHIPS (preview, rest free w/KU or 99 cents wi...
Sue Hollister Barr
Veronica never dealt with her Asperger's till both framed for murder and threatened by an alien. Histus, the alien, is...
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Future House Publishing
Fifty years in space—alone.

Ethan Bryant was supposed to fall asleep on a ship leaving Earth and wake...
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Arkship Obsidian
Niel Bushnell
"Dune meets Battlestar Galactica with a pinch of Asimov thrown in for good measure."

Earth has been d...
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Only The Dead Don't Die
A Dystopian Novel Loaded With Adventure! 

The Super Summer flu is devastating the United States. Mean...
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Matthew Mather
350 pages of million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather's thriller and speculative fiction works, including his novella Enli...
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Blood on the Motorway
Paul Stephenson
After a mysterious storm lays waste to humanity, a disparate group of survivors try to find their feet while the world a...
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Alasdair Shaw
In the aftermath of a battle a ship drifts helplessly in space. Is the strange new warship they were fighting still out...
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Joe Vasicek
When Jeremiah arrived at Megiddo Station, all he wanted was to make some trades and resupply his starship. He never tho...
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Him (Book 1 - The Migrator Series)
Caitlin Mazur
An orphaned girl travels across the country to save her sister from the dire consequences of a time-traveling man's botc...
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Mars Journey: Call to Action Book 1
Bill Hargenrader
Mars Journey: Call to Action Book 1 is the first book in the epic science fiction action and adventure thriller series s...
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The Future Chronicles Created by Samuel Peral...
Discover Sci-Fi
The Future Chronicles is the Special Edition of the acclaimed #1 SFF anthology series, including fifteen stories, select...
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Scavenger Hunt (Preview)
Stephen Goldin
A sexy, exciting interstellar romp.

The idle rich of galactic Society had little to do that was produ...
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Ira Heinichen
The galaxy is dying.

One boy must save the father he never knew...

Petrick longs f...
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A Sensitive Time
Lee Isserow
She lies with him in bed, holding him close. The exhaustion from all the grief finally overtook him, and he has fallen i...
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Treasure Darkly
Jordan Elizabeth
Seventeen-year-old Clark Treasure assumes the drink he stole off the captain is absinthe… until the chemicals in the liq...
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