A feast of alpha warrior deliciousness!
Highlanders, Vikings, Medieval knights, barbarians... and so much more!

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Norseman's Salvation
Gianna Simone
A Viking's Wrath
Ashe Barker
Bride of Fire
Jane Burrelli
His Stolen Bride (a taster)
Sassa Daniels
The Valkyrie's Mortal
Lily Harlem
The Viking's Conquest (an appetiser)!
Felicity Brandon
Viking King Sample
Sky Purington
Rescued by the Berserker - the complete book...
Lee Savino
The Sea Lord: Pirates of Britannia
Hildie (H.M.) McQueen
The Blood and the Bloom
Rosamund Winchester
Kris Kennedy
The Ward's Bride
Cecelia Mecca
The Vikings
Bambi Lynn
One Night with a Viking: a Time Travel Romanc...
Mariah Stone
Rebel of Ross
Mary Lancaster
At His Command Sample
Ruth Kaufman
Their Highland Beginning
Celeste Barclay
Highland Escape
Cathy MacRae
The Pawn (The King's Cousins Book 1)
Alexa Aston
Simone Leigh
Taken by the Barbarian Princes (Skatha Chroni...
Philtata Press
Viking Thunder
Emmanuelle de Maupassant
The SEAL's Captive Bride
Sue Lyndon
How the Warrior Claimed (Falling Warriors ser...
Nicole René
His Human Slave (Zandian Masters Book 1)
Renee Rose
Alien Sacrifice
Sadie Carter
The Trickster
Samantha MacLeod