Join us in various quests this month! All books are complete stories waiting for you to read them and discover new authors.

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Lauren Harris
Magic Gangs. Sorcerer Police. A girl on the run from both.

Helena Martin doesn't know who she hat...
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Sneaky Goblins Book One
Rene Pfitzner
Dank got on the headmaster's bad side and was kicked out of assassin school. He finds his way into a...
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The Memory Thief
Sarina Dorie
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The Blue Lamp (Rogues of Merth: The Adventure...
Robert Zoltan
When the Indari warrior known as Blue goes missing in the city of Merth, Dareon’s search for his fri...
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Wizard For Hire
Jack Simmonds
Oddball. Wizard. Killer?

Meet Felix Freeman, London’s finest Wizard P.I. Apart from the other one...
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Good News
Javier D. Esteban
Tihr Phlib was a happy man. Owner of Healtech Laboratories, it's been a hundred and fifty years sinc...
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Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic
Paul J Bennett
For so long she tried to resist... but the woods call, beckoning her with their secrets.

Never o...
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Of Cinder and Bone
Kyoko M.
After centuries of being the most dangerous predators on the planet, dragons were hunted to extincti...
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Another Stupid Spell
Bill Ricardi
If your own intelligence was the fuel that your magic ran on, how brightly would you dare to burn?...
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Remeon's Quest: Blood Origin
J.W. Garrett
A young man struggling to forge his own path… A priestess forced to conceive an heir… A forbidden lo...
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Lake Of Sins: Escape
L. S. ODea
Trinity has one week to find her friend, or she’ll be the next to go.

When the harvest is over, t...
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The Newcomer
Alasdair Shaw
From a young couple struggling to look after their baby to a new captain's reluctance to take comman...
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Merchants and Maji
William C. Tracy
An old war machine and a revolutionary space capsule will change relations among the ten species for...
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Fire & Ice
Patty Jansen
Where magic is dark and gritty, characters troubled and twisted, and victory comes at a heavy price....
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