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Rewind - The Siggost Chronicles
Sydney Addae
Shelly is a serious gamer caught in a dilemma and the keeper of her cousin's secrets. She has no ide...
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Hard Cut Hitman
Niya James
I was a criminal with nothing to lose, until she came into my life.

Now I have m...
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Secret of the Assassin
Tom Haase
They found the Crown of the Thorns.

They vowed to keep it secret.
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Loreticus and The Convenient Murder
J B Lucas
"I love this book! I'll read this several more times over the next year or more. That's what I do wh...
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Stacy Claflin
One poor decision will haunt her forever.

Macy Mercer only wants a little indepe...
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Chad Sanborn
A financial advisor with a gambling problem. His sexaholic best friend. And one very attractive and...
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Conscripted - an action thriller
Chris Lowry
When a young man is following his girlfriend overseas back to her home, a future president and his t...
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No Rest For The Wicked
James Harper
When an armed gang on the run from a botched robbery that left a man dead invade an exclusive luxury...
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Alone in the Darkness
Matthew Buza
A routine night in an ordinary city becomes a race against time to save an innocent girl from the un...
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Fox in the Hen House
James Lawson
When Max Green joined the Ministry of Detection, he saw himself fighting the good fight: restoring E...
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Neven Carr
Every family holds a secret.
How far would yours go to keep it?

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Scare Me
Endeavour Media
“When did you last google yourself, Mr Frost?”

Will Frost, successful businessma...
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Trusting Daniel (Delta Security)
Kayla Myles
Angela Warren had resigned herself to her fate; she was ready to give up, accept the life of a strip...
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Rock Island Lines
Dean Klinkenberg
Cats aren’t the only victims of a curious mind. Writer Frank Dodge and his buddy, homicide detective...
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Killing Faith (A Gabriel De Sade Thriller Boo...
Eric Meyer
When dismembered bodies start to appear in New York City, the search for a serial killer begins. Lea...
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Forget Me Not
Elaine Ewertz
Allie's heart is broken. Her devious, bratty, entitled heart.

Luckily for her, i...
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Welcome to the Hotel Yalta
Victoria Dougherty
An heiress who can’t seem to keep her legs closed. A Russian plan for dominating the space race. An...
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Trust Fall
Frankie Bow
It looks like it's going to be another boring faculty retreat at Mahina State University, "Where You...
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Man of God
Gregg Bell
Reverend John Archer used to be a good man.

He was a gentle soul but after thirty...
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Heroes Don't Travel - #2 Dystopian Thriller H...
Roo I MacLeod
A random search for a missing child suited Ben Jackman. The feral world of the lowlands was a place...
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Rest In Peace, Baby
Vicente Morales
One badass girl, a shitload of murderous narcos, and nonstop action from the opening line. This is a...
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JT Dusky
Lassiter is the prequel to the upcoming book, Solarity. A top secret organization called Solarity h...
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Deadly Fun
Pam Richter

Exotic luxury cruis...
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Violence In The Blood
Mark J Newman
Malkie Thompson's got ambition. He'll do whatever it takes to get to the top and nothing's gonna sta...
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Intricate Deceptions
Jennifer Rayes
Waking up in a desolate cell, Gaia realizes she has been kidnapped by a human trafficking organizati...
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David Callinan
A woman on the run from a ruthless cyber gang sees Mike Delaney on the street. In desperation she dr...
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The Dolocher
European P. Douglas
In 1788 the infamous Thomas Olocher is finally caught and sentenced to death for a heinous string of...
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To Drink of Deceit
Blythe Baker
Vacationing in Texas with my friends was supposed to be relaxing. Nobody warned me that a day of sho...
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The Grifter's Daughter
Duane Lindsay
Imagine you stole a million dollars

From your fiancé.On the eve of your wedding.

Dani Silver d...
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Ionshaker desperate (Part 1 - The Manhunt)
Felix Timothy
“A Heart-Stopping, Action-Packed Thrill Ride!” – Reviews From The Heart

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A Trinity of Wicked Tales-- Jilted
K.T. Rose
Stay out of their way or you'll get more than a knife in the back.
Trev is in a desperate spot. He...
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The Killin Case
Lise Turner
Killin, Loch Tay a small secluded town in Scotland has many things that draw Julian Baxter towards i...
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The Confessional
Tom Fowler
A corpse. A curious blogger. A priest with the wrong history. A novice PI trying to figure it all ou...
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Walker Texas Wife (Book #1, Book Cellar Myste...
KM Hodge
Their lives are perfect, if only from the outside.

At first glance, the resident...
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If The Bed Falls In
Paul Casselle

Depressed photographer Tom Friday is a man who can no lon...
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From Garden To Grave
Rickie Blair
"From Garden to Grave" is the first book in a new series of delightfully funny cozy mysteries. If yo...
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Z-Minus 1
Perrin Briar
Once infected, the virus shuts down organs, kills nerve impulses and even reprograms the way we thin...
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Perrin Briar
They beat him.

They broke him.

They stabbed him.
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The Cutline: An Alex Vane Novella
A.C. Fuller
It’s the spring of 2000 and Alex Vane is living the dream. He’s brilliant, handsome, driven, and he...
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Yesterday's Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal...
Al Macy
Private detective Eric Beckman can read minds.

Although he reads only the consci...
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Taking the Fall: A Cozy Mystery
Laney Monday
Olympian Brenna Battle once had the fire. Now, she’s just burned out—and burned by love. She’s ready...
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Lilac and Old Gold, A Zeke Traynor Mystery
Jeff Siebold

Zeke’s job is to keep his client alive. Hired...
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City of Skies
Farah Cook
Nora Hunt has just joined the deadly quest to discover an ancient legend: the nine worlds of the Vik...
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m.a. petterson
A beautiful arson investigator hiding a tragic past seeks the killer of a homeless child and uncover...
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Forced Entry
Steve M
Would you kill to stay out of prison? Welcome to the worst day of my life. 
I planned for everythin...
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The Old Bridge
Andrew Turpin
The explosive fallout from a top CIA man’s corruption and a US political leader’s racism. The ruins...
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Kindred Intentions
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
24 hours. 2 people. 1 target.

It was 10 a.m. when undercover agent Amelia Jenning...
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A Thorne in Time
Lorel Clayton
Before Eva Thorne can accept her destiny, she must learn to accept herself. Eva leaves her family be...
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Benjamin Appleby-Dean

Amy and her friends don't know what to make of the wei...
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The Dragon of Skar
Chris Turner
For all Conan enthusiasts : the dark exploration which picks up where the film “Conan the Barbarian”...
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#Berlin45: The Final days of Hitler's Third R...
Philip Gibson
What if there had been social media during World War II? The compelling story of the final 20 days...
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The Red Ribbon
Rachel Ledge
Chanticleer CLUE Awards Grand Prize Winner

London 1773. Julia Ridler struggles to...
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TRUE NOIR TALES Subway Vigilante
Eric Erdek
SUBWAY VIGILANTE COMIC is a one-shot,15 page Noir Comic based on a true life story.
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Ashkettle Crazy
A.M. Goetz
Bo knew one thing for sure; he would die to protect his kid brother.

And with so...
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The Bad Shepherd
Dale Nelson
LAPD Detective Bo Fochs is a “Rockstar”, a member of an undercover narcotics squad working the Sunse...
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Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan Book 1
Eric Meyer
Life is short and justice a rare commodity in the harsh wastelands of Afghanistan. Navy SEAL Lieuten...
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Bullet River
Dan Ames
The Garbage Collector is back.

The Detroit area bounty hunter known as The Garbag...
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Tom Bierdz
Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and...
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Sea of Gold (The Angus McKinnon Series Book 1...
Nick Elliott
Money, murder and love on the high seas. A wave of sophisticated frauds points to a ruthless conspir...
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Matthew Mather
500 pages of million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather's award-winning works, including his novella Enl...
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Shish-Ka-Bob, A Peculiar Meats Mystery
Rachel Ellyn
This is the first day of the full Cozy Culinary Mystery, Shish-Ka-Bob.

Barbara S...
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Eugene Lloyd MacRae
What would you do if your government labelled you as a terrorist? And you didn't know why! On the ru...
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Murder is a Tricky Business
Phillip Strang
No one’s talking, and those who say they know are dying.
A television actress is missing, a...
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Naked Truths: A psychological thriller you'l...
Karen Botha
He’s a grieving widower, the perfect boyfriend, and the prime suspect.

Lucy knows...
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City of Ice and Dreams
J.G. Follansbee
In 2261, Sento, a beautiful, intelligent, tormented young woman, is obsessed by Isorropia, a city in...
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The History of Things to Come
Duncan Simpson
THE MIND OF A GENIUS CAN HOLD THE DARKEST OF SECRETS - A Bosnian gangster is gunned down in a packed...
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The Case of the Exploding Luck Pumpkin: Casin...
Nikki Haverstock
The Case of the Exploding Luck Pumpkin

Vanessa is home in Rambler, Nevada for th...
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Evilly Amused
Nova Knightley
Lela and her friends are dare devils who spend their time engaging in dangerous stunts. Unfortunatel...
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Reclamation: Murder at the Beach
Erosa Knowles
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Remorseless: A British Crime Thriller (Doc Po...
Will Patching
A tense, disturbing British Crime Thriller full of suspense, intriguing twists and a double figure b...
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13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Ta...
David Six
Here are thirteen short stories of horror and suspense to make you feel you are not alone in the roo...
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