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A Ring of Promises Preview
Marie Gage
Moonlighting Bride (Preview)
Deborah Kulish
Eden Butler
McKayla Schutt
Historical Military Romance: The Conquistador...
A.J. Craft
A Perfect Mess
Zoe Dawson
The Misadventures of Catie Bloom
Brooke Stanton
Red as Blood - Book One of 'Tales of Blood an...
Simone Leigh
Alpha Bear's Fated Mate Prequel
Sheen Silva
Neighbourly Obsession
S.R Martin
Tompkin's School (A Supernatural Academy Tril...
Tabi Slick
Smoke and Ritual (Beautiful Dark Beasts 1)
Melissa Sercia
Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
Zoe Dawson
Twisted Affairs 2: Happy Endings
S.R Martin
Assassin's Blade preview!
Melinda R. Cordell
S.G. Prince
Badlands—New Excerpt
Morgan Brice
Prince: The One That Got Away
S.R Martin
Traitor (A Crown of Lilies #1)
Melissa Ragland
A Wicked Chance
Anna Flakk
Military Romance: A Warrior's Heart (A Bad Bo...
A.J. Craft
Metaphorosis: a collection of stories
B. Morris Allen
Nothing But Daddy
Quinn Rutledge
Christmas Runaway (Preview)
Deborah Kulish
Welcome to Magnolia Bloom - A Magnolia Bloom...
Paula Adler
Sea Phantom
Sarah Zama
Zoe Dawson
Chloe After Dark
Elsa Joseph
Gail Z. Martin
An FBI Agent and his Partner
Kaydee Robins
Our Fathers
Simon Carr
Simone Leigh
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
Dine & Dash
S.R Martin
TITANS: THE RISE OF LEGENDS (Preview only, Ma...
C.J Lloyd
S.R Martin
Fool For You
Sage Parker
The Jump (UNJU #1)
Gleneley L Stander
Twisted Affairs (Preview)
S.R Martin
The Secretary and the Ghost
Gillian St. Kevern
Their Highland Beginning
Celeste Barclay
White Swan Wishes
Wes Snowden