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Surrender (a preview)
Chris Baum
ENHANCERS: The League of Twelve
K, Matthews N. Fishfish
The Leprechaun Wars
Wes Snowden
Wooden Heart (Prequel to the Lullaby Covenant...
Terry Vernon
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor
Charles N Palmer
A Time & a Place
Sarah Buhrman
The Rat Killer and other Weird War Tales
Sean McLachlan
Fated to Strike
C Phillip
Demonality - Book One (Preview)
Nadine Thirkell
The Jealousy of Jalice
Jesse Nolan Bailey
Saving the Fairies of Serenia
Elsa Bridger
Blasted Bloomers
Maaja Wentz
Birds of a Feather
Sandy Butchers
Curse of the Ottawa
Frank Daley
Martin E. Silenus
Cold Obsidian
Olga McArrow
Feeding Frenzy: Curse of the Necromancer (Sam...
Maaja Wentz
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
Murder on Autarch 1
Andrea De Magistris & Michele Perni
Ye Olde Magick Shoppe
Claire Buss
Post Oh!pocalypto Poppycock
Truant Memphis
The Black Parade
Kyoko M.
Martin E. Silenus
Jesse Nolan Bailey
Too Ghoul for School--First three chapters
Sarina Dorie
The Sky Drifter
Paris Singer
Flight to Bern Villiage
Jaron Osiar
Return to Lemuria
Richard Gradner
Presidential Risk
Michael Bronte
Legends of Anarwyn: Ebony & Ice
J.W. Elliot
Pathways to Bolingbrook
William Brinkman
BLOODLINES: The League of Twelve
K, Matthews N. Fishfish
ForeverQuest: Online Battle Arena - A LitRPG...
Alex Maven
The Three Deaths of Jeyne Reddermach
R.M. Schultz
The Pulcher's Last Dance
Charles N Palmer
More Queens than Crowns (A Short Magical Tale...
R. M. Carpus
Escape From Samsara
Nicky Blue
Michael W. Huard