Hi Paranormal Romance Readers! We have a super book gifting event for you. This is your chance to get introduced to the works of awesome paranormal romance authors. R U Ready to read? We hope so.

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Life and Then Love (Romance Version)
Chessela Helm
Elements of Karma
CR Robertson
Family Pride: Love and Challenges
Bright Street Books
Bite The Hand That Bleeds
Megan Erickson
Future House Publishing
The Vampire Kiss - A Dark Love
Persia Publishing
Paranormal Romance Recommendations
Night Owl Romance
Rebirth - Rogues Shifter Series Book 1
Gayle Parness
Jewel Quinlan
Melissa Haag
Vampire Encounter: Paranormal Romance in the...
Alix Adale
The Merman's Quest
Tamsin Ley
Pearl and the Dread King (A Paranormal Romanc...
Jex Lane
First Fruits
Moxie Darling
Eden Winter