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Alasdair Shaw
In the aftermath of a battle a ship drifts helplessly in space. Is the strange new warship they were...
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J. Scott Coatsworth
Colton is a trans man living in a climate-changed world. He plies the canals that used to be city st...
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Remeon's Quest: Blood Origin
J.W. Garrett
A young man struggling to forge his own path… A priestess forced to conceive an heir… A forbidden lo...
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Abandonment of Stars: 50K Word Introdution to...
Chogan Swan
Welcome to the dawn of the Symbiont Wars Saga

Izhidra fell from space three millennia ago...
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Good News
Javier D. Esteban
Tihr Phlib was a happy man. Owner of Healtech Laboratories, it's been a hundred and fifty years sinc...
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Charlotte's Army
Patty Jansen
An army of 7000 artificial soldiers accidentally received the same brain implant: they are all in lo...
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Lake Of Sins: Escape
L. S. ODea
Trinity has one week to find her friend, or she’ll be the next to go.

When the harvest is over, t...
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Opening Salvos
Frank Kennedy
Welcome to the works of Frank Kennedy. Venture into his worlds with the beginnings of the novels, a...
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Four Short Stories
Chris Andrews
This is a collection of three flash fiction short stories and a slightly longer story, all of which...
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the documented do'ings of rick toenail space...
Simon Carr
epic people need epic friends and crisps!
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The Battle for Allegra: Conscripted
Caleb Fast
Nowhere is ever truly safe.

The year is 2284 and wars are endemic across Coalition Space.

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The Prophet: Prelude - The Trial of Sa'riya
Don Newton
Ok, her twin sister was killed, but it was an accident…

When the Carolonian sun exploded, Zi’anna...
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The REM Machine
Lena Raye Scott
New York, 2061.

Kara Danilenko wakes in hospital with no memory of her past criminal life and is...
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SF/Fantasy Reader by New Voices
Living Sensical
New voices bring new ideas and new worlds to you in these six short stories of Science Fiction/Fanta...
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Merrie Dawn
Chris Andrews
When a man seeks out an empath who he believes is hiding in a brothel in order to ease his daughter'...
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Two From The Ashes
Earl T. Roske
Pfc Bernie Lebna has been through hell.

It's left a mark.

Now, a random rescue has put a baby...
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Frances Pauli
Dolfan believed in the Heart... until it gave her to another man.

When Vashia arrives on Shroud a...
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Simon Carr
The locals of the bulls head meet an odd salesman after hours, The future of the entire planet hangs...
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Ghost Probe
Craig A Price Jr
All Daniel has ever wanted is to fit in. However, being an Unwanted makes him at the bottom of the f...
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The Memory Thief
Sarina Dorie
Fill out the form, download the book, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter so you can get o...
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D.A.R.I.A Book One
Martin E. Silenus
Daria is stunningly beautiful, she is brilliant, she is a hologram, and she is a Sentient Artificial...
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Paul Rix
Falcon - humanity’s first manned mission to Mars. Four courageous astronauts are putting their lives...
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Salvage Rat—An excerpt
Larry N. Martin
Star Force pilot and hero Wyatt McCoy left his medals and career behind after the Rim Wars, disillus...
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Leona Windwalker
When a night out clubbing leads to an awkward morning after, Matty's embarrassed and more than ready...
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Anti Life
Allen Kuzara
The opposite of life isn't death; it's something far worse.

In an anarcho-capital...
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Desy Smith
Could you live on a planet separated by sexes?

In the year 2100, Earth is overran by The Disturbe...
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Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
A boy seeking adventure… A world that's dying… A war that may have no winners…

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Martin E. Silenus
SANCTUARY, The Cataclysm of North America, is a premonition of a series of geological events which s...
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End of Imperium
Delilah Bluette
"The Oracle guides us; long may she reign." It was the paryer which Marcus was taught to whisper be...
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Hyperion Dreams
Eric Z
What happens when Isaac Asimov and Edgar Allan Poe get together?

Your Next Technothriller!

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Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Anna left at dawn.
She entered the Martian desert, all alone.
Where is she going...
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Fulfilled Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
Shelbi MacPhadden is a Warrior Elite Princess, despatched to a distant galaxy to make contact with a...
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