Find some fall reads to warm you up.

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Ace's Place
Gabbi Grey
The Alien’s Vacation Fling: Bear
Lorelei M. Hart
A Model Beginning Book 1
Sky McCoy
Mr Plum
Sue Brown
Daddy's Love
Skyler Snow
Spy On Me
Marina Vivancos
The Serpent of Sparrow Rest
Sally Parker
Merman Dreams Are Wet (MM Romance)
Aramis Jordan
His Fantasy Made Real
Beverly Anderson
Once in a Lifetime (Pete)
Luana Ferraz
Vera Leigh
The Cowboy and the Brat
Hayden Hall
The Harvest Moon
Joshua Ian
The Line of Succession
Harry F. Rey
Someday, Maybe
Hayden Hall
The Persistence of Memory: Mnevermind 1 (LGBT...
Jordan Castillo Price
Tenderly Wicked
Katerina Ross
Stolen Innocence (Doctor's Training #1)
Beverly Anderson
J. Scott Coatsworth
The Flat Tyre - Tom's Tricks #1
Stella Shaw
The Charity Auction
Ella Fenn
Loving Kate: Love Is Complicated (Bisexual Er...
David Stone
All Tall Flowers: A Short Story
Joshua Ian
Brave for His Daddy
Della Cain
First Play - An MM Meet-Cute Romance
Stella Rainbow