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Hard Bounty
Jillian Riley
If the Shoe Fits
Stephanie Ayers
Soothing Suffering, Black Shamrocks MC Introd...
Kylie Hillman
BOG: A Thriller
Phil Gerraud
Jeff Dosser
The Bridesmaid Wore Peach
Julie Brookman
Veiled Planet
Teagan Kearney
Out in the Bright Bright Light
D W Watson
I Take This Woman
Suzy K Quinn
Faking It
April Bloom
Friend at the Window
Frank Martin
The Queen's Handmaiden: A Reverse Harem Roman...
Hermione Stark
Hit Hard
April Fire
One Enchanting Kiss
Amanda Mariel
An american Lady
Emma Brady
Undeniable Part 1
Katherine King
Four Times Broken (preview)
Felisha Antonette
Charles Harvey
What Friends Are For
J.B. Reynolds
The Codex
Justin Swapp
Anti Life
Allen Kuzara
Related By Blood: Part 1
Holly Sheidenberger
ROMANTIC TAKEOVER - Hijacked By Her Greek Bos...
Passion House Publishing
Getting Over Him
Catherine Edward
Harbinger: Ancient Purge Book 0
M.C. Bass
C.S. Vass
The Path of Vengeance
Kyle Alexander Romines
Lost and Found
Paris Grace
PREVIEW of The Sign of the Symean (A Fantasy...
R.A. Lindo
How To Create A Villain or Let Sleeping Cande...
Jeremy Rodden
Back To You
Jennifer Hartley
Dark Musings
David Boiani
A Typo, a Werewolf, and Two Dopey Dachshunds
steven higgs
Shelly's Stocking Goes Missing
Anitha Rathod
Comics Character Kills His Author!
Jen Finelli
Gerald- Preview
McKayla Schutt
Billionaire’s Baby
Sloane Peterson
Getting With the Milfs
Fable Charm
Red Underwear
Charles Harvey
Othello Jones
Charles Harvey
Jessa Stone
Gail Z. Martin
The Stickman's Legacy
Benjamin Appleby-Dean
Lauren Harris
A Piece of Sky
Ann Hunter
Love's Catalyst
L. M. Lacee
She's Gone!
Lorena May
Boomers for the Stars (COMPLETE novella)
Sue Hollister Barr
Power of the Six
Jayn Winslade
The Fart Activated Monster
Damiano Bernardo
SHIPS (preview, 99 cents to read the rest)
Sue Hollister Barr
Baby Matchmaker
Passion House Publishing
Secrets of Atlantis (Prequel to the Matt and...
C.L. Mannarino
The Siren
Breanna Hayse
Exposed Alpha Seal
Madison Sherwood
A Romance Reader from New Voices
Living Sensical
Parakeets and Pentagrams Sneak Peek
Hazel Reed
Valkyrie Landing (Preview)
AJ Flowers
Life Renovated
April Fire
A Thin line
David Boiani
Lucky Number Three
Sloane Peterson
Recumon: Speculative Origins
Michael R.E. Adams
AKUMA DREAMS: A Demonic Tale of Erotica
Glissando Publishing Group
The Ultimate Hair Tools & Accessories Guide -...
B. CliShea
Drake Silver
The Deal
SCCunningham Books
Off the Grid
Kelly Collins
The Fear Buster
Tikiri Herath
The Disappeared (Short Story)
Irving Belateche
A Flash Of Horror
A Rosefield Christmas
Emma Easter
The Imperial Alchemist
A.H. Wang
My Hot Ride (Extended preview)
Fable Charm
Into the Shadows PREVIEW
Sara Crawford
The Songs We Sing
Kylie Key
Big Gun
Babe Fuel
Billion Dollar Daddies: Lonnie
Breanna Hayse
Angel Of Death: A Psychic For Hire Novel
Hermione Stark
Hard Bounty
Jillian Riley
A Girl In Pink: Inspired by Real Events: The...
Nikhil Bhardwaj
The Penance List
SCCunningham Books
Loving the Duke
Fable Charm
The Almosts: Book One
L.C. Mawson
Soul Bound (Preview)
AJ Flowers
Mind Blossom: Jailbreak your Mind
Daniel Wilson
Jessa Stone
Carrying His Baby
Laura Clymer
Four Crazy Short Stories
Charles Harvey
RISE: a tale of survival and devotion
Katherine L. Evans
Sneaky Goblins Book One
Rene Pfitzner
Enemy Held Territory
Thomas Wood
The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
The Game Plan
Breanna Hayse
K.D. Black
Billionaire Mafioso
Jane Seezler
Paolo’s Pride
Scott Wylder
Hunt for the Necromancer - Book 1 Sample
Wes Havoc
Adele Masters
Sloane Peterson
Murder from the Newsdesk
Peter Bartram
Naan of Your Business - Chapter 1
Jack Roach
Fulfilled Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
The Holey Sweets Underwear Manufacturing Comp...
Charles Harvey
Macabre Morsels
Jeff Dosser
Spooky Shopping Mall
steven higgs
The Hard Choice
Fuad Baloch
The Case of the Sunken Spirit by S. H. Marpel
Living Sensical
Highway Driver
Sloane Peterson
C.S. Vass
Navigating Life: 8 Different Strategies to Gu...
Rachel S. Heslin
CBD Hemp oil: How to use CBD oil for cancer p...
Solomon Ternder
How to Live with a Psychic
Crystal Hope Reed
Everything We Lose
Annette Oppenlander
If There Be Giants [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Conquer Your Mind: Top 5 Meditation Technique...
Vidyut Rautela
Succubus Sins (Preview)
J.R. Thorn
Hot Package : A Bad Boy Next Door Romance
Lauren Wood
Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
The Goddess
Drake Silver
A Tale of a Rough Diamond
P. J. Mann
Finding Me
Jessa Stone
Broomsticks and Burials
Lily Webb
Koby's Destiny
Tim Moon
Stick Book Journal for Blood Sugar
Reyna Ober
I, Paladin sample chapters
Vivian Lane
The Ruse
Lorena May
Cracked Daisy New Series
Neasha Hill
Cabin Fever
M.A. Gonzales
Sexy Secrets
April Fire
The Five Hive Plateau
William C. Tracy
Rescued by the Duke: A Regency Romance
Fable Charm
The Marquess And His Bride
Fable Charm
Hungarian Folk Dancing For Beginners
Claire Doyle
When The Guns Were Turned On Us
Christopher McGarry
To Catch a Leprechaun
Emily Martha Sorensen
Billion Dollar Murder
Sloane Peterson
The Potting Shed and Other Stories
Piper Templeton
The Ashes of Aubrey Milner [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Demon Blade - a preview
Chris Johnson
Who Needs Justice?: Chris Seely Vigilante Jus...
Rex Bolt
Stick Figures from Rockport
Jennifer M Lane
Daddy Dearest
Amy Brent
Flash Back [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Swim Season (Sample)
Marianne Sciucco
Savannah Sleuth
Alan Chaput
Time Control: Pike Gillette Book 1
Rex Bolt
Billion Dollar Daddies: Jennie
Breanna Hayse
David, Jonathan, and Sylvester
Charles Harvey
Unwrapping Holly - A Holiday Reverse Harem Ro...
Krista Wolf
Blood of a Sultan
Fuad Baloch
Busted Play
Stella Marie Alden
For Love or Duty
Emberley Ainsworth
BEASTLY WILD: A Beasts of Prey Short
Glissando Publishing Group
SERIAL KILLERS. 130 Facts and Trivia
The History Hour
Beginnings - prequel story to the Red Heeled...
Tikiri Herath
Cicada Summer
Jeff Dosser
A Lady in Danger
Fable Charm
Adored by the Bear Protector
Anastasia Chase
Prince of Elves
Rebecca Bosevski
Lena Rayner
Hunter's Passion
Tia Didmon
The Binding Ties (Sample)
Logan Fox
A Brush with Vampires (The Clan-Vampire Clash...
Betsy Flak
Torn Apart (Convergence Book 1)
J.M. Riddles
Quadruple Duty - A Military Reverse Harem Rom...
Krista Wolf
Tutus & Cowboy Boots: A Small Town Dance Roma...
Casey Peeler
Illiya (Taylor Neeran Chronicles #1)
J J Mathews
Touched-A Taboo Stepbrother Romance
Fable Charm
Magic Man (Novella)
Lisa King
The Blue Tower: A Tales of Naimonet Novella
Thalia Blake
Hunter's Moon
June Fire
Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Series Book 1)
Lisa Edmonds
Copycat Killer
Hermione Stark
The Redemption
David Boiani
The Unleashed Creation
Betsy Flak
The Billionaire Bachelor
Sloane Peterson
The Spinning Talent
Emily Martha Sorensen
Intel: A Waypoint Prequel
Deborah Adams
My Irresistible New Stepbrother: An Alpha Bil...
Fable Charm
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
More Than Friends
Kimolisa Mings
The Big Book of Free Stuff
Max Diamond
The Humanarium
C.W Tickner
Coming Home
Jessa Stone
Your's Forever
Katy Kaylee
A Halloween Carol
Sean Hogan
Bedroom Prince
Passion House Publishing
Amy Love
A Night with the Biker
Jess Winters
Stolen: He stole it all including my heart
Adele Masters
Long Gone Cat: a Saga of Star-Crossed Lovers
Katherine L. Evans
Where Are They Now
UD Yasha
The Way of Mathias
Robert McDermott
BARN DANCE - A Dark Horse Short Story
Laura Wolfe
Amy Cole has lost her mind
Elizabeth McGivern
How I Met My Husband Online
Reyna Ober
Love - A 10-Day Devotional
His Everlasting Love Media
Falling for the Boss
Candy Gray
Waiting on the Billionaire-Preview
Jenna Brandt
Joshua C. Chadd
Skip: Book 1
Perrin Briar
Keeping Mum
Perrin Briar
Working Vacation
Annabelle Love
The Dance of Love
Lizard Publishing
Servant of the Crown (Heir to the Crown: Book...
Paul J Bennett
Desired By The Duke
Fable Charm
Valentino's Kiss
Tia Didmon
The Viking's Apprentice
Kevin McLeod
Revenge: Getting back at a Billionaire Romanc...
Fable Charm
Cherishing Her
Annabelle Love
Love Only Me
Amanda Mariel
Breathe In (Just Breathe #1)
Martha Sweeney
Inescapable: Book One (One Night Only)
Katherine King
Marked By Blood
Max Sparrow
Fairy Eyeglasses
Emily Martha Sorensen
Crush on the Shy Guy
His Everlasting Love Media
A Trinity of Wicked Tales-- Jilted
K.T. Rose
Lee Williams
Tragically Broken
A. R. Wile
Rococo (COMPLETE novella)
Sue Hollister Barr
Unfinished Business
SCCunningham Books
Cutting Ice
April Fire
The Whip Master
Breanna Hayse
Touched by the Duke
Fable Charm
Seduced Me: A Taboo Stepbrother Romance
Fable Charm
Black Queen
Charles Harvey
Cowboys: A Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance
Nina Rains