Queer female characters across all genres! Discover inclusive, diverse, and multicultural stories from great indie authors.

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The Princess and the Evil Queen: A Lesbian Ro...
Lola Andrews
Meet Snow White and the Evil Queen as you never have before in this lesbian erotic romance retelling...
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Naughty List: A Short Story
KC Luck
Christmas is coming … Holly is having trouble getting into the holiday spirit. When the only romance...
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The Long Night (Short Story)
Rowan Rook
Two weeks ago, the sun went down and never came up. Bay stares through her apartment window - longin...
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Target (The Royal Cleaner: Book One)
L.C. Mawson
When Caroline swore a sacred oath to protect magic, she never anticipated falling for a human. &...
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Colored Rink (Book 1 of The G.A.M.E.Z. Duolog...
E Darkwood
G's: Where beauty in death, is a requirement.
- -

With a name like G.A.M.E.Z. everyone thought i...
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I Remember You
Jennifer Stevenson
Rose and Stelle have been together all their lives. Now Rose's memory is going. There's a risky gene...
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A Queen Rises
Lola Andrews
A tale full of romance, betrayal, and tragedy, inspired by classic fairy tales. Fans of Girls Made o...
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Dark Alleys: A Lesbian Romance Urban Fantasy...
Lola Andrews
One werewolf. Two women. A complicated past.

Tired and broken-hearted, Lana left her life as a cr...
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Frostbitten 2
DH Bookstore
Faith learned how to become a vampire, but there was still so much that she needed to learn about he...
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DH Bookstore
When Faith finds herself ready to commit suicide, her entire life takes a completely different turn...
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Shattered Paradise (Salvaggio's Light Book 1)
C. L. Cattano
This dramatic ten book series invites you into the life of Rafaella Salvaggio. Her life has been ful...
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Loving Kate: Love Is Complicated (Bisexual Er...
David Stone

During a hot, Atlanta summe...
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Frostbitten 3
DH Bookstore
I thought that I saw her. I know I did…

But she was dead, and she died a long time ago.

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