Next Generation features our up and coming heroes and heroines. These wise-cracking, independent, and strong teens and young adults make their way in the world through all manner of obstacles. So lets celebrate the next generation together with a new read by one of these amazing authors!

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The Raven and The Witch Hunter
H. M. Gooden
Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
PC Keeler
Night Plague
Rowan Rook
Kiss of Blood
A. Vers
Hunt - Freya Snow: Book One
L.C. Mawson
No Safe Haven Preview
Kyla Stone
Feral Phantom: A Superhero Story
Brooke De Lira
The Stolen Twin
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Swim Season (Sample)
Marianne Sciucco
Jack and Jill: Up A Hill
Vance Smith
Heart of Mine (The Royals of Coradova #1)
Lindsay Bergman
Lee Williams
The Twelve Commandments
Jeff Elkins
Signetorium: The Depths
J.A. Hayes
The Ghost Who Loved by S. H. Marpel
Living Sensical
Slumbering (Book 1 of the Starlight Chronicle...
C. S. Johnson
Mage Seer
Lark Allen
Love/Hate (Aspects: Book One)
L.C. Mawson
Tupelo Gypsy (Voodoo Lucy Series 1)
Vito Zuppardo
Discoveries: Voyages of Fortune Book Zero (An...
Andrew Anzur Clement
The Hunters
DH Bookstore
Cain - A Novella in The Generation Series
E S Richards
Tardy Bells and Witches' Spells PREVIEW: Wom...
Sarina Dorie
The Guardian's Keep
T.S. Valmond
Kingdom of Ash & Soot (Book 1 of The Order of...
C. S. Johnson
Dream of Darkness
H. M. Gooden
Arcane Awakenings Books One and Two
Shelley Russell Nolan
Fae's Queen: The Crown of Myth
Mira Crest
Sundown Apocalypse 2: Urban Guerrilla
Leo Nix
The Dry Season
Cassidy Taylor
Of Dragons and Centaurs
Deb Logan
The Girl Without Magic
Megan O'Russell
Firebird Alex
Orren Merton
Haven - A Steel Falcon Novella
N.K. Quinn
The Hunted
DH Bookstore
The Breathing Sea I: Burning Preview
E.P. Clark
Into the Fire
K. Gorman
A Brush with Vampires (The Vampire Hunters of...
Betsy Flak
When the Cities Died, I Danced by C. C. Browe...
Living Sensical
Rising Storm Preview
Kyla Stone
Lauren Harris
Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
Ugly Past Bright Future
Dr. Delphine Tamukong
Rebel Song
Amanda J. Clay
Anchihiiroo - Origin of an Antihero
Jeremy Rodden
Vampire Worshippers: Book 1 (Preview)
Mira Crest
The Trouble With Trolls
Sarina Dorie
Laundry Day
Genevieve Lerner
The Unleashed Creation
Betsy Flak
The Rose Queen
Alison McBain
The Mirror Wars: The Marauder
Sean Hogan
Planet Emergency
Christian Bæk Hedegaard
Chrissy à la Carte
Genevieve Lerner
Brothers in Exile
Joe Vasicek
Abby and the Mystic Dancers (Preview)
L. C. Miller
Michael W. Huard
The Fallen Empire Collection by Lindsay Burok...
Discover Sci-Fi
80AD - The Jewel of Asgard (Book 1)
Aiki Flinthart
The Stickman's Legacy
Benjamin Appleby-Dean
Alison Ingleby
Sisters of Wind and Flame
Jennifer Ellision