The water's fine, and the sand is nice and warm. Pull up a chair, pick out a read and relax...or not.

Grea Alexander.

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WaterScapes: Volume 2: A Photographic Tribute...
August Farrow


This original photographic collec...
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Working Vacation
Annabelle Love
Leaving and not saying goodbye was my biggest mistake.

She was my best...
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Nine Lives
Nine Lives is my first collection of short stories, written over a decade. Some are tragedies, but t...
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Fulfilled Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
Shelbi MacPhadden is a Warrior Elite Princess, despatched to a distant galaxy to make contact with a...
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Renee Carr
Radiance isn’t your everyday shifter. She’s destined for more. As the Alpha’s daughter, expectations...
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The Secrets
S. L. Fon
If you like Mary Higgins Clark, you'll like this.

Another miserable day in an ordinary life…until...
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Preview THE BOYS
Lily Harlem
THE BOYS is the spin-off novel from Lily Harlem's popular reverse harem series THE CHALLENGE - boxed...
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A Matter of Time
Ed Davis
In the future a progressive struggles against a newly elected totalitarian regime in America - at tr...
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Bad Mother's Diary
Suzy K Quinn
The #1 Bestselling Romantic Comedy that’s stormed the UK charts. If you’ve got kids, this is a must-...
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Her Curves: His Obsession
Sara Hazel
Free romance novella by Sara Hazel!
Over 20,000 words.

I might be innocent, but I'm sea...
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A Night with the Biker
Jess Winters
What would a girl do to make enough money to pay the rent?

Carmen takes on odd jobs. Any odd job...
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Lost Little Wolf (Sample)
NK Vir
Tanith; a shifter with memories that barely span a decade. But memories are like everything else; th...
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A Perfect Mess
Zoe Dawson
I know what you did last summer.

Aubree Walker, the perfect girl most likely to s...
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Taking Her in Hand
Stormy Night Publications
Eric's bold dominance rekindles Laci's passion in a way she thought nothing ever could, and part of...
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Deceived by Lies
K.J. Thomas
I was deceived from the first day we met, right up until he planned my death.

After being set up...
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Another Stupid Spell
Bill Ricardi
If your own intelligence was the fuel that your magic ran on, how brightly would you dare to burn?...
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Foam on the Crest of Waves
Silke Stein
In a small fishing town on the Mendocino coast, the tides of time have washed over rumours and suspi...
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My Hired Husband
Rose Smith
Wynter Rochester is in a damn jam. She's messed up her life and now her uncle refuses to release her...
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Hunting Revolutionaries
Thomas Sewell
Halfway around the world, rushed into battle against the East India Company's enemies, will Major Jo...
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Short Horror Trio
Sarah Buhrman
Three thrilling tales to bring you shivers... and nightmares.

*A chemical spill m...
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The Ruse
Lorena May
He’s a bad boy with a secret. And he’s out to get her.

Gia is a survivor. Having...
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My Dark Decline
Diane Ezzard
A troubled relationship, a damaged past and a bottle of wine mixed together
make a volatile cockta...
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Ghost & Paranormal stories from around the wo...
Sandeep Chakraborty
Our world contains both Good and Bad spirits. And these souls either will haunt you for your entire...
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Anti Life
Allen Kuzara
The opposite of life isn't death; it's something far worse.

In an anarcho-capital...
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Naan of Your Business - Chapter 1
Jack Roach
Frank "The Comeback Kid" Davenport has made a cozy living delivering retorts for people too embarras...
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