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Wanting More
Marley Valentine
Raising my sister's autistic son was an unexpected plot twist in my own life. But I loved every minu...
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Chemical Romance
Saffron A. Kent
Penelope Clarke is failing biochemistry and there’s only one person who can help her: Atlas West....
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Pretend You Love Me
Willow Winters
All I have to do is pretend.  When the lights go out and the chill of the cell creeps in, I know I m...
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K Dosal
Am I the only one who hasn’t gotten off from sex?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of thi...
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Good Little Girl
Jade West
Spoiled little rich girl, Aimee, has it all. Showered in gifts by a jet setter mother who's never ho...
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Caitlyn Dare
Kat Walker has wanted Styx for as long as she can remember.
Her friend. Protector. The guy who woul...
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Release Me
Murphy Wallace
I knew I had to help Brynn Holliday the moment I saw her restrained to her bed in a cell at the Mead...
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Brynn Ford
He was sent to kill me.

He was sent to silence me the night before the trial.

I'm the only per...
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The Guardian and the Escort
Fiona Cole
My friend entrusted me to watch over his daughter after he passed away.

I tried, but I didn't kn...
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Ground Rules
S.J. Sylvis
I was his secret. But he was mine, too. I stayed hidden in the shadows, and he never dared shine the...
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Lucky Break
Kacey Shea
Things I never expected on my thirty-second birthday.
1. Getting dumped by my girlfriend.
2. Recei...
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Marriage & Madness
Trisha Wolfe
Marriage & Madness was first a deleted scene from Marriage & Malice, a standalone novel within the U...
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Metamorphosis: A Machiavellian Short Story
Bella Di Corte
When one of New York’s most elusive and dangerous men, Capo Macchiavello, came to me with an arrange...
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Serena Akeroyd
Seven year itch?

Can’t say I know what that feels like when my husband is as obsessed with me now...
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Unwilling Bride
Stella Gray
My father sold my hand to settle his debts… but my virginity wasn’t part of the bargain.

My fath...
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Because Of You
Angel Payne
Darian Z. Everybody in the world is talking about the mysterious rock star. Fantasizing about him. W...
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Princess's Temptation
Nana Malone
All it took was one look.

Next thing I know, I’m running for my life on the back of a motorcycle....
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Dark Origins
Rachel Van Dyken
Find out if love is worth the fall in #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s parano...
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C.L. Matthews
Caia liked lilies.
Not roses or daffodils, like normal, boring people.
No, she liked lilies, espec...
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One Reckless Knight
Tracy Lorraine
I wanted to drown.
I wanted the world to swallow me up whole and take me back to a time when everyt...
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To Kiss A King
Terri E. Laine
I did everything a woman shouldn’t do.
I got in a van with a stranger.
Not that I had a choice.
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Vows - A Web of Sin Novella
Aleatha Romig
Years ago, Sterling Sparrow offered me the secrets to remove the invisible veil of secrets and lies...
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Going Going Gone
Nicole Fiorina
I'm Harlow Saint James, and I was moving way too fast. At nineteen, I was nothing more than a trashy...
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The Wrong Brother
Monica Murphy
When a man unexpectedly finds a naked woman in his bed, he does the only thing a man would do.

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Stone Heart
Katee Robert
In the city of Olympus, people only speak about Medusa in whispers. She’s Athena’s knife hand, the o...
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You're Mine Tonight
Lucia Franco
I’m a lover and a player, a Hollywood socialite with a reputation I strive to live up to. But when I...
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The King (The Lycans)
Jenika Snow

I was eighteen.

He was over two hundred years old.

I was an inexperienced vampire e...
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Marni Mann
As the owner of the most exclusive sex club in the world, I found it impossible to date.
Until Bale...
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Beauty in Deception
Charmaine Pauls
“I’m a decoy, another woman’s double, and now her enemy has taken me.”

My l...
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Thief of Virtues
L A Cotton
Alessia Marchetti is the Marchetti princess.
Sheltered. Vulnerable. Inexperienced.
Recently gradua...
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The Encounter
Cassandra Robbins
I don’t know her name. All I do know is when she walked by, I felt something…

A dark, consuming n...
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Willow Aster
I was promised to Neil Safrin when I was a child.

A marriage agreement that two fathers made, cha...
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Double Dare
BL Mute
Double dare. It started as an innocent game between my brother and I, but as we grew older, we wante...
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The Invitation
Stevie Cole
Tobias Benton is beautiful, wealthy, mysterious. And he’s been watching me. Waiting. Planning.

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