Looking for some diverse sci-fi and fantasy reads? Not sure where to start? We've got plenty here for you to check out!

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Sundown Apocalypse 2: Urban Guerrilla
Leo Nix
Desperate to find a safe location for his community Sundown sends the silent kangaroo shooter, Roo,...
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Tsar Wars: Agents of the Imperial Special Inv...
Stephen Goldin
Welcome to the first great space opera decalogy of the 21st century! Agents of ISIS is the modern re...
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Lori Saltis
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Peaky Blinders, set in modern-day San Francisco. Secrets. Lies....
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The Girl Who Twisted Fate's Arm
George Saoulidis
Biker Amazons and Celebrity Singers

When the daughter of Greece’s premier singer...
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The Nysian Prophecy
M.K. Dawn
As a child, Alaina was discovered wandering the woods without a single memory of her past. ...
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Rebel Magic
N. R. Hairston
It was supposed to be a one-night stand.

There were supposed to be no strings att...
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Mermaid's Destiny (preview): A Mermaid & Drag...
Mira Crest
A mermaid imprisoned next to a huge dragon.

A magical cage even her powers can't break.

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The Stickman's Legacy
Benjamin Appleby-Dean
Mary never knew her father until he died and brought his enemies to her doorstep. Searching his hous...
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No Option to Fail
N. R. Hairston

A prequel short story to my upcoming novel about Tinai and her people. More stories to fol...
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Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
A secret hidden in plain sight. A devastating attack. And a world hanging in the balance.
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Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Anna left at dawn.
She entered the Martian desert, all alone.
Where is she going...
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Cursed Magic
N. R. Hairston
They stay in the dark, because to come out means pain and death.

Celeste is from...
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Silkpunk and Steam
Sarina Dorie
Imagine the Victorians had rediscovered spaceflight. Would the British be interested in Japan during...
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Ace Carroway and the Great War
Guy Worthey
When the Great War breaks out, Cecilia Carroway lies about her age and enlists as a pilot. She earns...
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Vampire Worshippers: Book 1 (Preview)
Mira Crest
Virginie is in love with the hot and popular rock singer, Axel Night, but knows nothing can ever com...
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A Pact with Demons: The Sprite and The Famili...
Michael R.E. Adams
Almon Campbell's mother stepped on a cat's tail. Now, the cat expects Almon's soul as penance. If he...
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Michael W. Huard
Young Brin lived on the streets; struggling to survive in the 31st Century. She simply did her job;...
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Blind Gambit: A GameLit LitRPG novel
Jon Cronshaw
In Gambit, the blind can see...

All Brian wants is to be a sniper, but the truth...
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Song Walker - Starseeds One
Ellis Logan
Will you fight to free your mind? There's a new world coming. One where your thoughts aren't always...
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L.C. Mawson
Lady Caroline of House Raven had once been meant to be Queen of the Underworld. But when another con...
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The Horse Mistress: Book 1 (Steamy MMF Ménage...
R. A. Steffan
After years of living as a boy, Carivel falls for two unattainable men even as her world teeters on...
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The Mermaid's Garden
Andrew McCollough
A short tale of loss, grief, revenge, and self-torment.

Tomiko was a bored Tokyo...
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Triumph of a Teenage Werevulture
Emily Martha Sorensen
In a world where everyone is a fantasy creature, Lisette had the misfortune to be turned into a were...
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Full of Grace
Rhys Frey
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Rebel (Engineered Rebel Book One)
L.C. Mawson
Alex was genetically engineered and trained from birth to hunt magical beings, but she left that lif...
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Walking on Sunshine SAMPLE
Jennifer Stevenson
A rock starlet whose biological clock is ticking... An ancient sex demon under orders to make a godd...
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Mated to the Pack : A Reverse Harem Paranorma...
Jade Alters
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Jaeth's Eye
KS Villoso
After a botched job leaves his friend dead, the mercenary Kefier is chased down by former associates...
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The Crown of Myth: Part 2: Preview
Mira Crest
In the previous part, Myth enters the fae kingdom of Yearning where she meets the handsome Prince Ve...
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Crooked Magic
N. R. Hairston
Rekia has one job. Get her client to safety before the Crass government execute him for being a spy....
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The Unbelievable Death of Joseph Goldberg
Oliver Franks
A darkly comic collection of fantastical short stories.

Joseph Goldberg is the wr...
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Fae's Queen: The Crown of Myth
Mira Crest
If school is hell, Sophia and Audrey are definitely demons.

There's no point staying. One more s...
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The Blood City
DH Bookstore
A city in flames…

That’s what it looked like from where I was sitting.
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
Some say this book has a harry potter feeling, but it's a completely novel story and unique magic wo...
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Tanya R. Taylor
She's the only one that sees them...

Shortly after giving birth to Baby Foster, T...
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Resistance (Divided Elements Book 1)
Mikhaeyla Kopievsky
From the moment you are born, you are conditioned to know this truth: Unorthodoxy is wrong action...
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Virgin Territory
Rhys Frey
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The future is hot!
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The Long Night (Short Story)
Rowan Rook
Two weeks ago, the sun went down and never came up. Bay stares through her apartment window - longin...
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Stolen Magic
N. R. Hairston
They met while trying to rob the same house.

Chaz is a power thief. He can steal...
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