Excitement! Adventure! Giant Rampaging Mutant Guinea Pigs! This Mega Meaty Monster Comics Giveaway from some of the indie comics scene’s top creators has a little something for everyone.

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The Birth of Gemini (A Short Story Prequel to...
C. S. Johnson
As a surgeon for the Mercy Interplanetary Alliance, Micheel Reshi is no stranger to difficult choice...
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The Golem Rises
Simon Mackie
Dr Ballard - The Golem Rises - Script by Mister Roberts Art by Simon Mackie
Help! Mummy! by...
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Killer Bytes
Tim West
Seven twisted tales of terror from the disturbed mind of comic creator Tim West. Illustrated by some...
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The Mannamong - Issue 1 - The Girl Who Speaks...
Michael Adam Lengyel
During a raging stormy night, a young girl is in dire need of medical attention as her mother takes...
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100% Biodegradable 1
David Hailwood
Gigantic rampaging rodents...Paranormal Ice-cream Salesmen...psychotic alien cab drivers with a deep...
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Cognition #0
Ken Reynolds
Cognition #0 is a 34 page, black & white, single issue comic that follows the exploits of a steam-po...
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THE LAST BATCH - Instafreebie version
Chris Sides

Rory Phelan, a brewer at...
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Vikings vs. Unicorns
James R. Tramontana
What you think you know about unicorns is a lie. A lie folded into the very fabric of our history an...
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The Last Of The Navel Navigators Comic
David Hailwood
Discovered in a swamp and raised by hillbillies, Jellybean 'Gator Bait' Skratcher leads a sheltered...
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Cut & Stab in VideOlympics
Lukasz Kowalczuk
Cut & Stab is an canadian animated series. It premiered on October 11, 1988. The show ended on Augus...
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Terror Bytes
Tim West
Six more twisted tales of terror from the disturbed mind of comic creator Tim West. Illustrated by s...
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Espresso Detective No.1 Full Issue
Eric Erdek
This comic is a high octane, cafe racer, espresso shot with a lightning bolt chaser of a ride. &...
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Sneaky Goblins Book One
Rene Pfitzner
Dank got on the headmaster's bad side and was kicked out of assassin school. He finds his way into a...
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Death Duty - Preview
David Hailwood
In a war-torn future, crime and disloyalty to the Terran Empire are punished with conscription into...
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