The Heart of the Beast is a themed giveaway of short stories involving romance galore, Valentine's Day, and Shifters written by many different MM authors. Each story either features characters previously written about by the authors in another book or entirely new characters that came into being specifically for this giveaway and is a minimum of 10K words.

Happy Reading!

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Always, Mate
L N Manning
Since the moment Jonathan Waine mated Ethan they had been through one hell and another. Things have...
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Dragon Image
Cree Storm
How a person sees themselves is not always how others see them. This is a lesson Gordy must learn wh...
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The Substitute Omega
Charlie Richards
All Abraham was supposed to do was deliver a cup of tea to Gary, the human tribute meant to spend th...
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Lover's Knot
Jo Tannah
For a wolf-Elf hybrid shifter like Emil Jordan, moving to a different pack, even with a lot of money...
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A Purrfect Valentine
Catherine Lievens
Jake regrets agreeing to go on a blind Valentine’s Day date almost the second he meets Barney. Barne...
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Paper Kisses
N.J. Lysk
An alpha werewolf. A human. A whole week of St. Valentine’s celebrations.
Abel’s life hasn’t gone a...
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Dealer's Choice
Aja Foxx
Written by sisters, Aja & Ceina Foxx

Once upon a time there was a rich, old man who deeply loved...
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Accidental Valentine
Ezra Dawn
(Accidental Valentine is a standalone short story with little to no angst and the insta-love of fate...
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The Fall of a Fairy Tale Prince
Lisa Oliver
In the huge city of Houston, Charlie was lonely. Oh, he had friends and he did his best not to show...
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Red Run Remember
Lynn Michaels
Rory misses his family and home in the US, until Donner reminds him why he stayed.

Rory and Donne...
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Kiss and Mate Up
J. D. Light
Before I even saw your face, your voice called to my soul...
When West first meets his mate, Grayse...
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Colin's Valentine's Day Surprise
E.F. Rose
Can a wolf shifter and a human get past their reservations, their insecurities, and open themselves...
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