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The Darkness at Dillingham Sampler
G R Jordan
Dying for Dinner Rolls
Lois Lavrisa
The Rise of the Phoenix
Mason Sabre
BUMP - A Sneak Peek
Jaime Munn
Between Tricks - Sneak Peek
Jaime Munn
The Deception Dance
Rita Stradling
Captured By The Beast
Daniella Wright
Strawberrry Cheesecake Murder
A.J. Craft
To Catch a Killer (A Ghost Detective Romance)
Amelia Wilson
Get Out or Die
Kim Cox
The Heidelberg Ghost
Nickie Cochran
To Dine With Danger
Blythe Baker
Murder in Blue Moon Bay
Constance Hope
Hell's Ballad
Nicola Chey Matthews
Feel the Pride: Paranormal Origins Short Stor...
Green&Silver Publishing
Missing Amanda
Duane Lindsay
Mason Sabre
A Ghost of a Chance
Cherie Claire