A ghoulish giveaway to celebrate the Halloween season! We have chills, thrills, scares, and monsters of all kinds!
Shiver as you read our dark delights and quake from those things that go bump in the night.

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Killers and Demons Series: Books I & II
A. F. Stewart
A book bundle of the Killers and Demons Series.

Included are:

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At Horizon's End
Chris Sarantopoulos
Death made a mistake.

The Man Who Fed On Tears always knows whose time it is to...
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Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis
Perrin Briar
One island. One family. A million zombies.

After a tropical storm, the Robinson f...
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Z-Minus 1
Perrin Briar
Once infected, the virus shuts down organs, kills nerve impulses and even reprograms the way we thin...
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Footsteps: Austerley & Kirkgordon Origins 1
G R Jordan
"I swear if I see Austerley again, I'll kill him myself. The man's a lunatic, and he wants putting d...
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Perrin Briar
A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks?

The clock tower is...
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Broken World
Kate L. Mary
Readers overwhelmingly agree that Broken World is “A must read for any apocalyptic zombie lovers out...
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Sleipnir's Heart
Ken Lange
When I crashed on this planet fifteen thousand years ago, I thought that my friend—the living spaces...
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Discern, Mosaic Chronicles Book One
Andrea Pearson
He's dark and powerful—a magical anomaly. She's untrained and inexperienced. Can they set aside thei...
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Lindsey Williams
Waking one day to find herself trapped in an impossible nightmare, exceedingly average anti-heroine...
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Pulp Grind Press
ODIN is an anthology of short stories and fiction for your reading pleasure.
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Hack: A YA Supernatural Suspense Story
Megan Crewe
What if you could control the world around you with the stroke of a pen?

Mark has...
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Curious Goods - Pandora's Box (Book 1)
Bones Monroe
Paul received the worst news that a father can receive, his beautiful, precious daughter has a termi...
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Cocktails and Thrills
Niyati Mavinkurve
One trip to Himachal for the best cream turns into a nightmare. What was supposed to be a trip of ec...
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Dark Minds
Stuart Byng
All is not as it seems in this quiet English village. Dark forces are here. Help may be here, but wi...
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The Risen
Adam Smith
Can the undead evolve? Can humanity survive if so?

The UK population has been rav...
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Freshmen (The Felix Chronicles Book 1)
R.T. Lowe
Over 75 five-star ratings on Goodreads.

A dark and delightfully disturbing urban...
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Monster Maelstrom: A Flash Fiction Halloween...
George Donnelly
From a Hillary Clinton stripper to mythical beast-women in the harsh Scandinavian tundra and from an...
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Fruiting Bodies
Guy Riessen
In 1979 a daring military mission recovered samples of a fungus that evolved into something beyond b...
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Charm City (The Demon Whisperer #1)
Ash Krafton
USA Today bestselling author Ash Krafton takes the battle between Light and Dark to a new level with...
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The Starblood Trilogy - Free Sample - 13 Chap...
Carmilla Voiez

Satori, an adept Chaos Magician, casts a spell to tr...
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Meg Hafdahl
From Meg Hafdahl, author of the Twisted Reveries series;
After online flirting, Cassidy and...
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Devil in the Countryside
Cory Barclay
It's 1588, the height of the Reformation, and a killer is terrorizing the German countryside. There...
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Diary of Night #1
Will Allred
Feared. Hated. Hunted. Vampires exist, but not those of myth and legend.

They are...
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Ahrion's Minions
Chris Turner
In this dark tale, a prominent warlord and three important men awake in a strange place, shackled an...
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Don't Ask About the Guy in the Basement
Jason Ingolfsland
They found the perfect house. It was everything they wanted and more until their realtor told them a...
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The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned...
Brian Ference
Sage Holdsworth is a gifted painter with a terrible secret. She never imagined her passion would giv...
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The Beginning
Emily Fox
In a world struck by a monster outbreak, Tara struggles to survive and understand what's going on. &...
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Only The Dead Don't Die
Surviving the pandemic’s un-deadly aftermath is only the beginning!

It happens without warning. T...
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