Do you prefer your romances with a touch of darkness? Creepy creatures? A little magic, maybe? What wicked good luck you have! Check out all these free ebooks just howling your name!

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Diamond Cold
Serenity Snow
Jorja is a goblin mafia boss looking to gain control of the diamond trade but old enemies have a sco...
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Dear Jezzy: Love Advice for Paranormals
Sarina Dorie
Dear Jezzy is a quick read made up of a collection of love advice columns sent to a slightly immoral...
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Jade's Peace
Melissa Stevens
Steve left home at eighteen to avoid doing something he knew he would regret. Now, ten years later,...
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Coy Wolf
Stella Williams
Always ambitious, Tyr Greywulf fought his way to Pack Leader but his wolf demands more. The annual s...
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Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Series Book 1)
Lisa Edmonds
The first time Moses Murphy’s granddaughter killed on his orders, she was six years old.
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Verika Sloane
Framed by his own kind, rescued by his fated mate, and nowhere to run except straight to the enemy.....
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Stone Under Skin
BL Maxwell
This is a sample of Stone Under Skin and contains the first three chapters. Ankit has lived many lif...
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Sweet Hearts: Hot Hearts Cafe, 1
Lia Violet
In the Hot Hearts Cafe, people enjoy cinnamon rolls - and each other...

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Young Fae
AnnaMarie Gardner
★ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜ª¤.¸`*•.¸Young Fae by Annamarie Gardner¸.•*´¸.ª˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª★
★☆*•.¸★☆★ ★☆★ AVAILABLE TODAY...
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Kiss of Fire
Nichole Wolfe
Autumn has no last name. It was lost to her as a child after being sold to the Alpha of Blackmoon....
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Phoenix Tribute (Phoenix Throne Prequel): A S...
Heather Walker
When Stella Powell is whisked back in time to a mysterious corner of the Scottish Highlands, she fin...
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Summoning a Dragon: A Christmas Short Story
Lori Whyte
A little unexpected magic might be just what he needs to find his mate…

When a self-proclaimed wi...
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Six Dead Men
Rae Stoltenkamp
Snapshots of six dead men – lives steeped in squalor, extinguished in mysterious circumstances. In...
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Eels for Heels
Sarina Dorie
After a Black Friday fiasco at Prada, Kerstin has been cursed by a wicked sea witch and now suffers...
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Renegade Angel
Ava Bellini
At twenty-two years old, Arina is enjoying a great life in Angel Academy: she’s about to graduate wi...
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Enemy Enchanted Novella
Dora Blume
Rescued from kidnappers, Shar’s ready to bust some balls.

Her rescuer, Haskell’s, are on first o...
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Allergic Reaction
T. A. Moorman
After meeting her boyfriend’s family and things go off without a hitch, Miranda decides it's the per...
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The Incredible Heidi Wasabi (Paranormal MMF)
Helgaleena Healingline
Shakti or succubus? Faithful spouse or figment of the imagination? Whatever she is, Rufus and Steen...
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A Vampire Loves Forever
Nicki Ruth
Captain Jodhan is given a mission. Rescue the daughter of a prominent vampire lord. But the mission...
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Foxy Heart, A Cursed Hearts Short
Rhys Everly
"Chance brought us together, fate bonded us for life."

I knew there was something wrong wi...
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Sample - Archangel's Kiss
Anna Santos
Who would you rather have—a vampire or an angel—for a soul-mate?

Innocent Aria ne...
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McKayla Schutt
Family means everything to wolves and witches. But when a wolf mates to a witch, it’s not a happily...
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First Kiss of Freedom
Nichole Wolfe
She spends her nights bleeding into their hungry mouths. Flinching as their fangs sink into her fles...
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It's Complicated (The Redcliffe Novels)
Catherine Green
"Being a werewolf is easy. Being in love with my bisexual alpha is hard."

Sally Frost is an NHS h...
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