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C.S. Vass
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
The House of Life
Vann Chow
The Descendants
DH Bookstore
Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
Demonality - Book One (Preview)
Nadine Thirkell
Hansel & Gretel in the Enchanted Forest
Jim LeMay
Sky Keeper Preview
S.M. Gaither
Torn Apart (Convergence Book 1)
J.M. Riddles
The Fall of Vaasar
Rosalyn Kelly
Demon Hunt
Thomas Green
Love's Catalyst
L. M. Lacee
The Last Mile, a bonus story from The Dark Ro...
Gail Z. Martin
White Heart
DH Bookstore
Venom and Vines
D.H. Dunn
Valkyrie Landing (Preview)
AJ Flowers
The Calling
DH Bookstore
Magic Man (Novella)
Lisa King
The Final Five
Carissa Andrews
Like the Stars (Short Story)
Rowan Rook
The Monster Mortician
Frank Martin
Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
Beginner's Luck
Sunee le Roux
The Stickman's Legacy
Benjamin Appleby-Dean
A Thorne in Time
Lorel Clayton
Innocence Lost
Patty Jansen
Oracle Chapters 1-3 Sample
Carissa Andrews
The Rifters
M. Pax
Rider's Genesis Preview
Lark Allen
S.G. Prince
The Viking's Apprentice
Kevin McLeod
The Land of Miu (The Land of Miu, #1)
Karen Lee Field
Soul Bound (Preview)
AJ Flowers
Descendant of The Dammed
DH Bookstore
Threads Ablaze
S.G. Dunster
Prince Of Darkness
Stacey Trombley
C.S. Vass
The Gilded King
Josie Jaffrey
Birth of the Sand Viper: Origins of Jafar by...
LaSasha Flame
Mages of Avios: 1. Spear of Humanity
Adam Sea Klein
Stalk the Moon
Jessica Lynch
Sneaky Goblins Book One
Rene Pfitzner
Disciplining Myyst
Breanna Hayse
Rys Rising
Tracy Falbe
Toonopolis: Gemini (Preview)
Jeremy Rodden
Resa Nelson
Night of Poison
S.G. Dunster
The Queen's Handmaiden: A Reverse Harem Roman...
Hermione Stark
Children of The Gods: A Soren Darnega Novelet...
DH Bookstore
Four Crazy Short Stories
Charles Harvey
Another Range of Mountains
Megan O'Keefe
Hivernatien Minimus and the Crystal of Gertab...
Robert Dorazi
Under: A THREADS OF DREAMS Prequel Novella
K.A. Wiggins
The Mirror Wars: The Marauder
Sean Hogan
The Marshal of Magic Guns and Magic
Chris Lowry
The Alien Surrogate
Amelia Wilson
Hivernatien Minimus and the Low-Fashion Schoo...
Robert Dorazi
Mason Sabre
Given to the Alpha
Nevaeh Knight
Light of Day
Kaye Draper
How to Seduce a Spy - Preview
Catherine Stein
Healer's Sacrifice
J. Elizabeth Vincent
Book of Shadows 3: Hunting
Michael Beaulieu
Daughter of Madness: Book Two of the Creation...
Amanda J. McGee
Servant of the Crown (Heir to the Crown: Book...
Paul J Bennett
The Five Hive Plateau
William C. Tracy
Prince of Elves
Rebecca Bosevski
The Sword and the Ring--Preview
Wayne Meyers
Against the Beast
RJ Batla
Tuning the Symphony
William C. Tracy
Discern, Mosaic Chronicles Book One
Andrea Pearson
Quartz: The Sunless World Book One
Rabia Gale
When the Wolf Loves
Sadie Conall
Once upon a Shoe: A Cinderella Retelling (Sam...
A. R. Summers
If the Shoe Fits
Stephanie Ayers
How To Create A Villain or Let Sleeping Cande...
Jeremy Rodden
Lastborn of Forsaken Roses [preview]
Thomas Green
Trajectory: A Pendomus Chronicles Prequel
Carissa Andrews
Earth And Sky
Kaye Draper
The Crimson Cobra
Thomas Green
A Prncess of Bars
Jim LeMay
The Traveler
Lovelyn Bettison