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Wind Wielder
TC Marti
A secret censored throughout the modern age…

…A cataclysmic riot leaves the fate of the world han...
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The Isle of Thamber
Timothy S Currey
In the massive City-Tree Arbalith, nothing matters more than wealth and prestige. Thurso Diamante is...
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Merry Friggin' Christmas: An Edgy Christmas C...
Joseph Cillo Jr.
2019 Illumination Book Awards Bronze Medalist!

"A funny book about Christmas and a dead comedy ma...
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Becca Princess of Sona
Luna Fox
Eighteen-year-old Becca is a regular kid. At least on the outside. Everything is fine until she dial...
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Tompkin's School (A Supernatural Academy Tril...
Tabi Slick
I thought my life was over the moment I was sent to this boarding school. I had no idea how right I...
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Michael W. Huard
Young Brin lived on the streets; struggling to survive in the 31st Century. She simply did her job;...
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Richard Gradner
Halim, a Shakti warrior initiate, lives with his family in Harappa, a fortified city in the Indus Ri...
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J. Scott Coatsworth

1) A new idea, method, or device.

2) The introduction of something new....
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Never Marry A Warlock (Beware of Warlocks Boo...
Marilyn Vix
Never Marry A Warlock (A Beware of Warlocks Novelette)

Catherine walks in on her...
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A Rocket to the Blasted Moon!
Simon Carr
in a time of great invention one stood above them all, A Rocket to the Blasted Moon!
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Wild Thing
Kim Cormack
She was broken to fulfil an immortal destiny and granted a second chance as a sacrificial lamb for t...
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Shadow Rising (Shadow Wars Saga Book 1)
Charlie Soul
Theia Foxglove is mad. Whisked away from her mountain home by her mother's surprise engagement, she'...
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Quill Me Now (MM Paranormal)
Jordan Castillo Price
What if the words you wrote came true?

MM Paranormal Cozy: Spellcraft isn’t exactly a respectable...
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Shiela Crerar, Psychic Detective
Nicole Jones-Dion
“Lady of gentle birth, Scottish, young, penniless, possessing strong psychic powers, will devote her...
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Magnificent (Book 1 of the Inspirational Sci-...
Chris Baum
Q, a powerful alien held prisoner in Area 51. Mel, a young woman with telepathic powers. One chance...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
This is the first book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of...
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The Quick and the Undead
Will Neely
"Madigan, I need you."

Madigan Moore rode into town in search of an old friend. What he found ins...
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A Walk in the Wild
Peter Thomson
So you’re a magician. Now what? Chrysanthemum can choose from lots of safe, secure magical careers,...
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Surrender (a preview)
Chris Baum
A hairy bachelor (Bigfoot) decides to set off on a dangerous quest to find his long lost kin. He kno...
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Murder on Autarch 1
Andrea De Magistris & Michele Perni
The Italian Best-Seller novel in its English translation!

2233. A dying planet. A brutal off-worl...
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The Second Born
Miriam Yvette
A woman yearns for freedom.
A man struggles with his past.
A child’s life hangs in the balance.
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Archer of the Heathland: Intrigue
J.W. Elliot
A rogue Duke, a beautiful woman, and a deadly mission.

Weyland, the best archer i...
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The Tears of Pirene
Joshua Ian
Dip into the gaslight fantasy universe of the Magick & Mythos series with this two-story sampler. In...
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Amelia & Athers
Timothy S Currey
Amelia & Athers had worked together well countless times. This mission was just like any other....
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Wind of Choice (8 ch sample)
Marty C. Lee
Desperate to escape his fate, winged Ahjin strikes a bargain with his god. But is his freedom worth...
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The Forgotten Ones
Crystal Dawn
When Ariel’s friends convince her to go out for a ladies night with them, she doesn’t realize her wh...
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In Times of Peace: Dance of Darkness & Light...
The Loneliest Lone Wolf
Written in an easy to read conversation style this fast-paced story spread across an entire star sys...
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TITANS: THE RISE OF LEGENDS (Preview only, Ma...
C.J Lloyd
Fifteen-year-old Elric Blake always saw himself as a comic-book-loving goober of an outcast, never a...
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The Emp Test
J. Scott Coatsworth
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production)
What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corn...
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Arcadian Barrett
Since its inception, the Kingdom of Camoor has been led by warrior Queens who would do anything to k...
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Take Me to Your Liter
E.A. Jones
An ordinary gas station in an ordinary city in the middle of nowhere suddenly finds itself at the ce...
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The Void: The Stone Legacy Prequel
Luna Fox
Would you give your life to save the world?

Ludovic Stone was the arms-bearer and right-hand of A...
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Curse of the Ottawa
Frank Daley
A French-Canadian man killed an Algonquin Indian about two hundred years ago by drowning him in the...
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A Demon in the Desert
Ashe Armstrong
Grimluk is an orc with one purpose: hunting demons.

The Wastelands mining town of Greenreach Bluf...
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A Song of Light and Sorrow
Hogan Burleigh
Ileana d’Amanova, a highly regarded member of the Guild, has lived most of her life sticking to the...
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production) What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corner...
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Kim Cormack
This is not a fairy tale. This is a nightmare.
Kayn is with Clan Ankh, Kevin is with Triad,...
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Flight to Bern Villiage
Jaron Osiar
While a war rages in space, a revolutionary group of humans, shapeshifters, and telepaths gather to...
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Rachel Sullivan
Well behaved women seldom make history, but they still end up as the monsters in folklore.

The H...
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Keys of Time
Georgiana Kent
The Lost Souls are coming...

Erica has a secret, a curse she's been hiding her whole life. And no...
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Unexpected Tales
Marty C. Lee
Four short stories from Kaiatan, the world of Unexpected Heroes.

In an underwater village in Noka...
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