Do you love MM Romance and LGBTQIA+ fiction? Browse this event for queer fiction in a variety of sub-genres--from Romance to Horror, Contemporary to SciFi--there's something for every taste!

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The Lesbian Billionaires Club
KC Luck
Ellie is lesbian
Ruby A. Smith
Hue, Tint and Shade (MM romance)
Jordan Castillo Price
Restless Nights: A Badlands Short Story
Morgan Brice
Ghost House (Sample)
Jacqueline Grey
The Second Act
H.L Day
Antoine's Double Trouble
Charles Harvey
Fake It 'Til You Make It
Louisa Masters
A Christmas Chance
Louisa Masters
Going Down
Allison Temple
Borrowing His Boss
CS Joyce
Directing Traffic
Charley Descoteaux
For the Love of Luke - Free Sample
Return of the Vampire Hunter
Catherine Green
The Clockwork Monk
Liv Rancourt
Ofelia Gränd
Naughty List: A Short Story
KC Luck
A Vampire's Vow, Book .5 of the Ellowyn Found...
Kayleigh Sky
Star Power
Morticia Knight
Toy Story
Allison Temple
Passing on Faith
AM Leibowitz
Trade Circle
Valerie J. Mikles
Doll Baby Sample
Kayleigh Sky
Hapless actor / caring cabbie
Clare London
Sunsets at Sea
Leona Windwalker
One Shot
Vicki Tharp
The Mirror
Max Sparrow
Stripper! A Natalie McMasters Novel
Tom Burns
A Biker Makes Three
Elouise East
AM Leibowitz
Learning from Isaac
Dev Bentham
Jesus Kid Sample
Kayleigh Sky