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After the Wand Falters Grim
Kat McGee
The new owners of the Three Witches Bookstore find a faulty magic wand, which brings a fictional boo...
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Bewitch & Bloom
Wendy Meadows
Parker and Posie would love to focus on a new business venture and their spell work. However, when a...
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A Charming Hexocist
Tonya Kappes
Welcome to Whispering Falls, where magic whispers and a cozy mystery unfurls! 'A Charming Hexorcist'...
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Deadly Details
Jenna St. James
When mermaid psychologist, Dr. Waterson, is found dead on her houseboat, Shayla and Needles set out...
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A Dash of Magic
Daryl Wood Gerber
Cristina Masters is a baker in Charlotte, North Carolina with a vibrant online clientele. A believer...
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All I Haunt Is You
Ellen Riggs
Disaster is one magical hiccup away for a reluctant witch and her chatty dachshund.

Life in Wyldw...
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A Witching Babymoon
Lia Davis
Michelle Dunn assumed her life would be somewhat normal. Yeah, she’s a water witch, but her parents...
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Genies and Gibberish: Magical Mystery Book Cl...
Elizabeth Pantley
This club gets whooshed into a book. They become characters! To get out they must find the killer....
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Super Croakies
Sam Cheever
Well, this is just SUPER! Who knew that one little superhero costume could cause so much trouble?...
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Vacations and Visions
Natalie Summers
The Witches of Pine Lake are on vacation. What's the worst that could happen?

Weather witch Amali...
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Away with the Fairies
Cat Larson
Plant-whispering Sage and tea leaf-reading Violet take a break from their mystical hometown of Bigfo...
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Bodice of Evidence
Melissa Bourbon
Before escaping to Argentina, the legendary Butch Cassidy fell in love with Texana Harlow and left h...
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Slay it Cool
Skye Sullivan
If the Golden Girls had magic wands …

Picture it… Cruise ship. 2023. Seasoned witch Lydia “Gra...
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Dustie Donuts and Death
Joann Keder
For the first time in her life, Sunshine Bovant is going to meet her cousin. They have so much in co...
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Wonkytonk Witch: A Wonky Inn Mystery
Jeannie Wycherley
Alfhild Daemonne is dying for a romantic weekend away.
Or she may well be if she’s not careful!
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Death and the Shakespeare Shop
Julia Buckley
The ghost of Shakespeare haunts a bookshop bearing his name in this cozy mystery.
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Murder and Moonshine
Izzy Wilder
My name is Esme Hightower, and I’m a psychic-in-training. But just because I talk to ghosts doesn’t...
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New Girl in Town
Kate Satori
Tansy is a loud, crass, and annoying neighbor. After an early morning dispute, Zoey loses her temper...
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A Witchy Nuisance
Rhonda Hopkins
15-year-old Charley Cooper's day gets off to a witchy start when she finds a neighbor has been magic...
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Ghosts of Gelatos Past
M. Alfano
Mardi Gras is in full swing in the French Quarter, and my family’s bar and bakery is busier than usu...
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Christmas Party Murder
Addison Moore
My name is Bizzy Baker, and I can read minds. Not every mind, not every time, but most of the time,...
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Not Mossing About
Lisa Bouchard
My girlfriend is a witch.

There really ought to be a support group for this kind of thing, but th...
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Death and Diadems: A Sin City Whodunit
Ana Bisset
Cleopatra’s diadem. Two paranormal historians. A work vacation run amok. Will our sleuths unravel th...
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Deadly Museum
Maaja Wentz
Experience an enchanting and spellbinding mystery! Samara's life crumbles after losing her mother, h...
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Charm of the Witch
K.E. O'Connor
How far would you go to save someone you love?

Tempest Crypt and her mini hellhound Wiggles soon...
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Fangs and Needles
Elle Wren Burke
When Josie’s neighbor said she wanted to be buried with her knitting needles, she didn’t mean with t...
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Witch in the Wind
Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
A rare and powerful book of spell is stolen from the Enchanted, a magical bookstore and café in the...
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The Enchanted Heist
Amy Boyles
Clara's life as the keeper of the Bookshop of Magic is perfect.

Well, it was.

When a dangero...
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A Witch in Time
Victoria DeLuis
Eira and her friends have said goodbye to their quiet village life for the weekend and headed into t...
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Pawsitively Sabotaged
Melissa Erin Jackson
Uncover a vandal’s identity, save a wedding, and keep her witchy gifts a secret? Piece of cake.

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Positive Beginnings
Leighann Dobbs
Bookstore owner Willa Chance has no idea what surprises are in store after she moves to Mystic Notch...
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The Phantom of Founders Day
April Aasheim
It is Founders Day in the magickal town of Dark Root, and the town is abuzz with celebration—but all...
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Destination Wedding (An Eternal Rest Bed and...
Beth Dolgner
A ghost is on the guest list at this wedding.

Weddings are fun, but wedding guests can be a lot o...
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The Wicked Witch and the Ultimate Smackdown
Kelly Ethan
There’s murder in the ring, a killer stalking competitors, and a nosy librarian turned sleuth… Let t...
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Appointments and Apples: Midlife Medicine Pre...
Amorette Anderson
What could a delicious apple have to do with the death of a local? Witchy sleuth Maude Crickback is...
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Witch Against Time
Stephanie Damore
Time-traveling witch Vee Harper is back, and this time she's headed to 1970 San Francisco to solve t...
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Fatal First Edition: A Bennington Banner Cozy...
Rana K. Williamson
Dead doesn’t mean you’re done with life.
Ask Jacob Findlater.

Grayson McBride moves back to her...
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Killer Compact
Tegan Maher
How was I supposed to know the town founders sank a trunk full of cursed objects?

Seriously, they...
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Spells and Suspects
Paula Lester
Maple Winterbourne is a witch who’s down on her luck. She’s been unfairly stripped of her secret age...
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Not Sew Bad
J A Whiting
This is a novella in the Good Harbor Witches Cozy Mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author J A...
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Cat Tales in the Swamp
P.D. Workman
Reg is back in the swamp.

She didn't ever plan to return to the Everglades, but here she is again...
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Hexes and Hostages
Lily Webb
Something's afoot in this neck of the woods...

When magical mom Zoe Clarke decides to take her eq...
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Foster Familiar
Rosie Pease
These kittens have a lot to say…

Fostering a litter of kittens can be a rewarding yet chaotic cha...
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Mystic Murder: Mystic Village Cozy Mysteries...
Cindy Stark
Kalie's life goes from perfectly planned to impending doom when her new paranormal gift shop's lease...
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Gnome with the Wind
S.E. Babin
When an army of gnomes lands on Kate’s lawn, she’s unprepared for their demands or the potential fal...
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