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New Adult Clean Contemporary fiction is the wave of the future. The New Adult genre flipped a switch between Young Adult and traditional contemporary adult novels. The need for a cleaner version of this genre is evident and so we're turning a new corner. When people ask me what genre my novels fall into, I have always struggled: Well, they’re at a Young Adult (YA) reading level with a very mature theme and college-age characters. A critique partner pointed out that my books probably fall into the category of New Adult (NA) rather than YA. I didn’t know such a thing existed! The largest group of readers of NA fiction are that same crossover audience that took YA to the top of the industry, namely Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games. I write the stories that come from my heart and mind. It’s good to know my stories have found their square-peg home in the round-peg publishing world. Let's rock! -Julie L. Spencer

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By the Sulu Sea - 1st Three Chapters Preview
Donna Amis Davis
A girl. An island. A dream.
Shelby wants to be a marine biologist. But her application to t...
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Not Alone
E Darkwood
When the world is a dull shade. When your truest companion is your own shadow. When the only one aro...
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Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
Natasha Dawson is a lucky woman. Her career as a fashion photographer has taken off magnificently. A...
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The Modern Earl
Sophie Mays
A Regency Play Inside a Real Life Drama

A co-written novella by Caroline Johnson...
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Lakeshore Secrets at Willow Valley
Shannyn Leah

Lakeshore Secrets at Willow Valley by Audrey Delai...
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Keeping Mum
Perrin Briar
When modern-day Scrooge Hetty Loveridge saw the opportunity to exploit an inheritance tax loophole f...
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Happy Birthday, Mommy
Tearra Rhodes
Read the standalone short story that inspired The Micah Series. Book #1 is the story of a good deed...
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Taming the Prince
Addison Quinn
Kara’s always dreamed of owning a successful ballet studio. But when a government-backed housing pro...
Giveway Expired
Safa Shaqsy
Celia Williams, eighteen, is a cool, bubbly student, popular and outgoing. Her mother suffers from d...
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Throwing Rules to the Wind
Travel writer Zara Castillo has a lot going for her. Her career’s taking off, and her boyfriend, Mat...
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Welcome to New York
Luana Ferraz
Harry has a secret.
Alana has a secret.

When they meet, they recognize e...
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After/Life: Denial
Perrin Briar
Love transcends all boundaries. Even death.

Molly dies while chasing a felon and...
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