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Arestana: The Key Quest
Shawn P. B. Robinson
Liam can’t get home.

He’s stuck in a world he never thought existed, facing odds he can’t beat. T...
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Swim Season (Sample)
Marianne Sciucco
Sometimes winning is everything.

Champion swimmer Aerin Keane is ready to give up...
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Hal Junior 1: The Secret Signal (Ages 8-12)
Simon Haynes
The Secret Signal is the first book in a thrilling series by award-winning author, Simon Haynes. Goo...
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Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
A boy seeking adventure… A world that's dying… A war that may have no winners…

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Evelyn Lederman
Destruction.... A show of force... And a warning...
Three isolated towns across...
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Lauren Harris
Magic Gangs. Sorcerer Police. A girl on the run from both.

Helena Martin doesn't know who she hat...
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The Crown of Myth: Part 2: Preview
Mira Crest
In the previous part, Myth enters the fae kingdom of Yearning where she meets the handsome Prince Ve...
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Awakening (A Necromancer's Revenge preview)
Austin Andrews
Seventeen-year-old Jin enjoyed a peaceful life until his village was ravaged.
All that lays ahead o...
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(preview) Revenge: Land of Shifters Book 2
Mira Crest
Witches. Werewolves. Dragon Shifters. Strange Ville just got stranger.

My best friend is murdered...
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Cube of Trevalia
L.J. Capehart
Danny knows the metal Cube is magic. Of course, when you're only 13, people tend to doubt statements...
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Save Yourself: A Steampunk Sci-fi Adventure
S. Breaker
"They're after you. But which you...?"

Dr. Laney Carter is a Nobel-prize-winning physicist, awa...
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The Gilded King
Josie Jaffrey
In the Blue, the world’s last city, all is not well.
Julia is stuck within its walls. She serves th...
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Invisible Me
Debbi Mack
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C.S. Vass
She’s been betrayed. Become bitter and broken.

Will Fiona learn to trust again?

She has no cho...
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Rebirth (Land of Shifters Book One) Preview
Mira Crest
*Witches. Werewolves. Dragon Shifters. A centuries-old war is about to begin.

“They will kill us...
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Journey to the Top of the Nether
William C. Tracy
**Book Preview**
Climb the Unclimbable!

Natina grew up studying the artifacts found by her mothe...
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The Atlantis Twins: The Mermaid Curse Book On...
M.S. Kaminsky
Seventeen-year-old Alysa Grey is certain her twin sister is alive, even though Hawaii Search and Res...
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The Roar of Smoke (PREVIEW), A Book of the Me...
Candace Carrabus
Tressida is a smoke-spinner, a meldborn. It's a lethal legacy, a forbidden force. Daughter of Crone...
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Toonopolis: Gemini (Preview)
Jeremy Rodden
Toonopolis is a cartoon city that is home to the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings in the un...
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The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
The Duke of Wilmington receives a letter from his boyhood friend, informing him that he has the answ...
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Awa and the Dreamrealm (sample)
Isa Pearl Ritchie
Life is already complicated enough for Awa Bryant; after her parents divorce she had to move from he...
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The Haunting Season (a Short Story)
Laurie Treacy
A paranormal short story.
Never trust the dead. Amber knew that. She had read it in books and heard...
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C.S. Vass
She’s an orphan, abused…and deadly.

Years of training have tempered her abilities like goddess-bl...
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The Ghost Who Loved by S. H. Marpel
Living Sensical
Rose doesn't know why she survived the accident and everyone else was dead.

It was horrible. An...
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Mirror of Dreams
Meg Hendry
Clover has one friend, and now she’s pulling away and Clover doesn’t know why. When the two are left...
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Barn Dance - A Dark Horse Short
Laura Wolfe
Sixteen year-old Brynlei is an accomplished equestrian who also happens to be diagnosed as a "highly...
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Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon. It can happen anywhere, anytime. It drinks lakes dry, consumes j...
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First Time: Jack & Lexi (Book 1) (Jack and Le...
Amanda Wilhelm
It's 1983 and Lexi has more than gotten over her parent's divorce. Her new stepfather is okay and ev...
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Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar: Ques...
I.M. Maynard
Roger Tarkington's plan for middle school greatness is derailed on his first day of 6th grade due in...
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The Trouble With Trolls
Sarina Dorie
In this fractured fairy tale, a wicked and selfish king accidentally marries a troll. Their child is...
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Tardy Bells and Witches' Spells PREVIEW: Wom...
Sarina Dorie
Nerdy high school outcast, CLARISSA LAWRENCE, has always felt like she didn’t belong in this world....
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C.S. Vass
Fiona is going to die…

…unless she betrays someone she loves.

Magical poison flows through her...
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Remeon's Quest: Blood Origin
J.W. Garrett
A young man struggling to forge his own path… A priestess forced to conceive an heir… A forbidden lo...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
This is the first book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of...
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Saving the Fairies of Serenia
Elsa Bridger
This is the first in The Magic Book series where twin sisters, Sophie and Felicity, happen across a...
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The Torn Fairy: New Adult Fantasy Romance (pr...
Mira Crest
Laura knew there was something amiss about that man: his strange words and unearthly charm.

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Stella Rose Gold for Eternity
Sandra L. Vasher
Just how long is eternity?

Stella Rose knows her doting boyfriend, Myles, will do anything for he...
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Dylan's Cosydoze
Elsa Joseph
gone? And can Mum
and Dad get Dylan to sleep without it?

A funny, heart-...
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Archer of the Heathland: Intrigue
J.W. Elliot
A rogue Duke, a beautiful woman, and a deadly mission.

Weyland, the best archer i...
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Prince of the Apple Towns
Del Elle
The Founders were ladies.

They'd get rid of their tea if they knew about their latest successors....
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Perfect Little Murder
Yawatta Hosby
Franco was my brother, my best friend, my protector. He never missed any of my ballet practices....
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Someone To Kiss My Scars
Brooke Skipstone
Hunter needs to remember. Jazz needs to forget. They need each other to heal in this teen thriller o...
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