Ready for a new Historical Fiction book to read? Check out these great titles! Happy reading.

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They Met at Shiloh
Phillip Bryant
Pittsburg Landing was a place at peace—one that never expected to be the site for one of the bloodie...
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The Imperial Alchemist
A.H. Wang

A legend buried for 2000 years. A woman compelled to uncover the trut...
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Bolzano: A Reschen Valley Novel Part 3
Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger
The third part of the award-winning Reschen Valley series. If you haven't dived into the books yet,...
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No Man's Land: Reschen Valley Part 1
Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger
Coffee Pot Book Club Award 2019!

She wants her home. He wants control. The Fascist regime wants b...
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All's Well That Ends
Tina Jones Williams
Is it possible to outrun your problems, or will they be waiting to be unpacked in the new town? Sara...
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Triumph of a Tsar
Tamar Anolic
Triumph of a Tsar is a work of alternate historical fiction in which the Russian Revolution of 1917...
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Celtic Dragon: When Ireland Had Kings, Book 1
Jalanne Barnes
Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair's mother was the great-granddaughter of Brian Bóru and that legacy meant...
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Through the Fire
Tamar Anolic
“Through the Fire” is a novel in short stories about Prince Konstantin Romanov of Russia. Konstantin...
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Rebellion Book II: Book of Soung
Grea Alexander
What if the person you could trust the least was yourself?


As old lies unravel, new decep...
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The Duke's Saving Grace: A Regency Romance -...
Rose Pearson
Deborah would gladly spend her life saving others. It could be though that the one she wants to save...
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The Lost Viking
Rachel Tsoumbakos
Shrouded in mystery, many of the Valkyries stories have been lost to time. Only scraps remain within...
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Enemy Held Territory
Thomas Wood
May 1944. Preparations for D-Day are almost finalised, but then, there's a problem.

British parat...
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Allies After All
Dianne Ascroft
Although their nations are allies, from their first meeting American civilian contractor Art Miller...
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The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
The Duke of Wilmington receives a letter from his boyhood friend, informing him that he has the answ...
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The Windrush Affair
Elsa Joseph
Beautiful stowaway Alyssa sneakily boards HMT Empire Windrush carrying hundreds of post war immigran...
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