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Throwing Rules to the Wind
Travel writer Zara Castillo has a lot going for her. Her career’s taking off, and her boyfriend, Mat...
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The Misadventures of a Dating Delia
H.C. Bentley
Delia has a bit of a problem. In college, in a moment fueled by youth & tequila, she made a pact wit...
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The Fragile Thread of Hope Preview
Pankaj Giri
In the autumn of 2012, destiny wreaks havoc on two unsuspecting people—Soham and Fiona.
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Perrin Briar
A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks?

The clock tower is...
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The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
The Duke of Wilmington receives a letter from his boyhood friend, informing him that he has the answ...
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Open Primary (Ameritocracy, Book 1)
A.C. Fuller
What if someone harnessed the power of the internet to destroy the two-party system?
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Keeping Mum
Perrin Briar
When modern-day Scrooge Hetty Loveridge saw the opportunity to exploit an inheritance tax loophole f...
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No Man's Land: Reschen Valley Part 1
Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger
Coffee Pot Book Club Award 2019!

She wants her home. He wants control. The Fascist regime wants b...
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Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love Preview
Chiquita Dennie
Nothing and no one could tear Antonio and Sabrina apart, no matter how hard they tried. Ex-lovers, a...
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Theodore's Promise
Rose Pearson
Eleanor has always loved Theodore, and, in return, he has sworn his love for her. She swears her lov...
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Wearing the Scars
Tyranni Thomas
Krishna is left to sort the scars of her survival.

The wounds that Ravensbruck in...
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The Rake and His Honour
Endeavour Media
1813 France.

Louise Fauriel, a beautiful young woman from a family who support th...
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The Billionaire Bachelor
Sloane Peterson
Ellie has always had a firm idea of what she wants from love but has yet to meet the man who checks...
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Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love 2
Chiquita Dennie
Sabrina Washington has worked hard to get what she wants in life. The last thing the sassy, headstro...
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First Love
Michele L. Mathews
Elizabeth is a lonely twenty-something. She’s tired of not dating and tired of being alone until her...
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When Life Happens, Don't Blink
Sarah Buhrman
This is an anthology of tales both fiction and fantasy. Some are shorts, some are excerpts. All are...
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Hard Bargain
Haley Pierce
He wants to show her how hard it can really get.

"She’s a good girl but not for l...
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Sweet Temptations
L.M. Mountford
There were times Richard Martin loved his life. He had everything most men nearing middle age could...
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More Than Friends
Kimolisa Mings
Would they risk a great friendship for love?

Imani James, a beautiful, black grad...
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Her Last Love (Book 1 of the Small Town Heart...
H.C. Bentley
She left for the military thinking she would have it all. The career, the man she loved, a family of...
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Fateful Italian Passion
Olga GOA
Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood. Not knowing anything about her biological p...
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Rob Radcliffe

Reluctant Lothario
Unsociable Chameleon
Newly Singl...
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Sleeping With The Single Dad
J.J. Bella
A sexy new standalone romance from Author J.J. Bella that'll make you swelter...
Katie was...
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Lucky Number Three
Sloane Peterson
Michael is a billionaire who is bored of life and can't seem to find any satisfaction. Chris and Sue...
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After/Life: Denial
Perrin Briar
Love transcends all boundaries. Even death.

Molly dies while chasing a felon and...
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Hot Short Stories
Olga GOA
Get ready to dive into the Smutty One-Shot Book, Hot Short Stories, my world of love and lust. Don't...
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The Other
L.C. Kincaide
Haley thought she lost everything. Now her own life is at risk.

Following her hus...
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Mr. Wrong: An Enemies to Lovers Romance
Alessandra Hart
Forget Mr. Right. Mr. Wrong is right here...

You love to hate me. Cocky. Playboy....
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ROMANTIC TAKEOVER - Hijacked By Her Greek Bos...
Passion House Publishing
Fake Fiancee for her Sinfully Sexy Boss

“Yes, I should hire someone … Like my personal assistant....
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Dying for Dinner Rolls
Lois Lavrisa
Catherine "Cat" Thompson has been held at gunpoint, stuck in a burning dumpster, chased out of a gro...
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The Leopard Child
C L Smith
Kadogos is fifteen years old and will soon become a woman and a wife.

But first...
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Welcome to New York
Luana Ferraz
Alana had a dream, a plan, a chance. Now, she has a secret.
Harry had a strict life, a family, a fu...
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Coed Demon Sluts: BETH
Jennifer Stevenson
Aren't you tired of doing everything right?
Wouldn't you like a second chance to go back an...
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Hunter's Moon
June Fire
Did I mention I might be turning into a werewolf?

Stood-up, left to walk home al...
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Expressions From A Channeled Poet
Scarlett Braden
Expressions From A Channeled Poet is a sampling of the contemporary poetry of Scarlett Braden includ...
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The Legacy of Paisley Cove: A Prequel
Scarlett Braden
Paisley Cove- A secluded community of writers who share more than a love of words. The residents sha...
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Rebel Without a Clue
kerrie noor
Mex had been looking forward to a well-earned retirement after saving planet Hy Man from men. But no...
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Modern Persuasion
Sara Marks
Which would you pick: the person you love or your own dreams?
What would you do if given a...
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Flash Back [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Generation Xer, Charlotte Fenn wishes she had made different choices, and the what-ifs are causing a...
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If There Be Giants [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Amidst the ruins of an ancient stone circle, a team of archaeologists uncovers a strange creature th...
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Navy Seal's Second Chance Secret
Holly Jaymes
By joining my list I'll send you regular emails. Your info. will never be sold or shared. You can cl...
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Vanished in the Sun
Lynda Filler
Author Lynda Filler delivers yet another exceptional romance thriller with ‘VANISHED in the SUN’, an...
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The Mud God
Fallacious Rose
A collection of sensuous, funny and sometimes bizarre short stories that fall somewhere between erot...
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Too Sweet To Kill Her
Elena Davinski
Joe Roman is not the type of man you would want to mess with.
He is tall, sexy, charming, c...
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Deliberate Chaos (FreightBros Series Book 1)
Nate Castle
If you accidentally caused a death in the most indirect way imaginable
Would you turn yours...
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My Temporary Life - Book One of My Temporary...
Martin Crosbie
"It has everything, simply everything-a coming of age, a romance, and a thriller all rolled into on...
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The Duke's Secrets
Abby Ayles
Mary Elridge of York doesn’t know what to expect now that she’s of age to marry—and to her surprise,...
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Kept Captive
Daniella Wright
Adrianna knew Robert Foster from her youth. They were young lovers, and at one point, she loved him...
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Evangeline Kelly
A Clean, Christian Romance

She only wanted to survive her coffee date . . .
Ellie Parker had a d...
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The Killin Case
Lise Turner
Killin, Loch Tay a small secluded town in Scotland has many things that draw Julian Baxter towards i...
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Sexy Secrets
April Fire
WARNING: Diner Delight is a short story that is very different from other books by April Fire. First...
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Playing With Fire - A Short M/M/F Romance
Abra Harrington
Two weeks after getting together with his adoptive older brother and sister-in-law, Riley is complet...
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Rob Radcliffe

Things aren't going well for Rob.
Stuck with a girl he loat...
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The Disappeared (Short Story)
Irving Belateche
Robert Grayson was becoming invisible. There was no doubt about it. And it made sense if you took a...
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Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon. It can happen anywhere, anytime. It drinks lakes dry, consumes j...
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What Friends Are For
J.B. Reynolds
When the mask breaks, what lies beneath?

When you’re a young mother living in a small town miles...
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Working Vacation
Annabelle Love
Leaving and not saying goodbye was my biggest mistake.

She was my best...
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Tease Me Prequel
Adele Knight
Avril Miller doesn’t date. She is content to spend Friday nights reading medical journals and planni...
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Living Apart Together (Book 1)
Elise Darcy
How far would you go to change your life?

After nearly forty years of marriage Sy...
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Never Reckless: A Billionaire's Secret Baby R...
Lana Cameo

The other girls I can barely remember, her I can never forget.

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Crusaders of Truth
Lydia Crichton
While trying to get her life back on track after a near fat...
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Diary of a Snoopy Cat
R.F. Kristi
Read the hilarious and breathtaking antics of Inca and her family of furry friends as recorded throu...
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Falling for the Boss
Candy Gray
Falling for him was forbidden.
Especially when I had college dues to pay…..
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Two For One
Amy Brent
One curvy virgin. Two HOT Step brothers. And the icing on the cake - I have a crush on Daddy Dearest...
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Intertwined Hearts (Caleb & Abby)
Author Kimi Flores
As a teacher in her hometown of Santa Barbara, Abby Sullivan finally feels like she has something to...
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Pure Thoughts Publishing
Sasha is a single mother and youngest of three sisters. Drama follows her everywhere and her sisters...
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The Other Side, Looking for Love in All the W...
Pure Thoughts Publishing
Grace could get any man she wanted physically, but obtaining love seemed to be impossible for her. A...
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Living with Saci
M J Dees
When your partner goes missing and you become the prime suspect, what do you do?Living with Saci is...
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The Letter: A Suffragette's Daring Deed
Dianne Ascroft
Even a small deed may be a significant act to further a just cause.

July 1914: E...
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Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer's love story
Marianne Sciucco
What if the person who knew you best and loved you most forgot your face, and couldn't remember your...
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A Tangled Web (BWWM Interracial Romance)
Rose Francis
Kimberly Jordan never meant to hurt anyone.
But once a DNA test reveals her longtime boyfri...
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Never Again
RM Alexander
Failure isn't an option ...
Ken Capewell's witness is murdered in front of him, leaving hi...
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L.M. Mountford
Vickey Romano is the girl with a secret you don't want to bring home to mum.

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Playboy and his virgin
Lauren Wood
Kayla Peters has never been away from home. Living sequestered in the Midwest had made her nervous a...
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Not So Sweet Maria
Jessica Spencer
Lady Maria despises the hypocritical ways of Polite Society and most unexpectedly, finds love with a...
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Catherine Dickens: Outside the Magic Circle
Heera Datta
“Give these letters to the British Museum so that the world may know he loved me once.” Poignant wor...
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Billion Dollar Murder
Sloane Peterson
Billionaire Johnathan Heyman is a man who knows what it's like to have everything, and lose it. Not...
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Hungry Heart
Julie Strauss
London Demerez is a superstar Chef in Los Angeles, California who has everything she ever wanted. Bu...
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The Omega Prophecy: Ossuary
Elizabeth Bruce
An ancient pact. The last offspring of a cursed bloodline. A dangerous secret that could destroy the...
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Loving Wood: A Silicon Valley Romance
David Stone

After suffering one too many heartbreaks, Tassie Collins...
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Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern (Book I in the Dr...
Selah J Tay-Song
Fire magic destroyed the ice kingdom. But it didn’t kill her. Now only she can save what remains of...
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East River Bear: North Peak Shifters
Haley Weir
All Avery Michaels ever wanted was some way to pay the bills. But honestly, how can she have known w...
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The Before: A Trilogy Sampler
Jacy Sage
This is an intro and first chapters of the three books in the series.
Marie's Pledge: I nee...
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Billion Dollar Daddies: Lonnie
Breanna Hayse
In every woman is a little girl who wants to be loved, cared for, and nurtured. Lonnie Stuart has de...
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Tess and Tattoos
H.A. Leuschel
A suspenseful and emotional novella exploring whether we can ever be free from our past mistakes. &#...
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