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Finding It (Voice Out, #0.5)
Stella Rainbow
Finding It is the story of Delilah Sparks before she became everyone’s beloved Mama D.

She’s a lo...
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Déjà Vu: A Holiday Romance Short
Lawrence I. Hill
It's another Christmas alone in Atlanta, and Alvin is starting to reevaluate his life choices. Movin...
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Prequel to Twisted Fate: Twisted Love Trilogy
Evie Ellis
Lily Harper has had enough…
And trying to keep herself righteous when she has creeps from the Sugar...
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Chloe After Dark
Elsa Joseph
Moving on from a painful break up with her boyfriend, beautiful Chloe Milano takes a job as a radio...
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Erotic Stories 2
mariano flynn
✓ What if I told you that I wrote this book for you? Yes! for you!

More than 150 stories of sex f...
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Coming to Grips
Jen FitzGerald
Hunky ranch hand Kyle Adams has been in love with his best friend for longer than he cares to admit...
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Unfinished Business PREVIEW
SCCunningham Books
Tara Warr has had enough, time to turn the tables on her stalker and make him suffer. A skilled mix...
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The Not-So-Ugly Stepsister Gets Her Guy
Edwina Darke
In this modern, Manhattan fairytale, the not-so-ugly stepsister gets her happily ever after. A swoon...
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Bear Hunting: An Age Gap MM Romance
Nathan Bay
This steamy tale of MM age gap romance and male chastity will keep your heart on lockdown.

Meet T...
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Touching Wood
Claire Wilder
Can you be in love with a woman you've never met?

Logan Malachy is a man of simple pleasures. He...
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Fallen King
JR Lakeland
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production)
What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corn...
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Love Emergency
Lula Duval
Storm and Kennedy are more than Greywood’s official paramedics/hairdressers. They’re also best frien...
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The Best Worst Valentine's Day Ever
Christina Rose Andrews
Getting dumped on Valentine's Day sucks. Just ask Lexi.

After her boyfriend dumps...
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Found Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
Elite Warrior Princess Shelbi MacPhadden is beautiful and brilliant, she roams the galaxy fighting f...
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Life Changing, Prequel
Deborah Kulish
Jan Nichols is young, ambitious, and ready to fulfill her life’s dreams. When she meets the handsome...
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Time To Be The Better Man
Isabella Harron
When Nathaniel Arias first met Charles Calthorpe as a potential client for his landscaping business,...
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Dine & Dash
S.R Martin
An epic erotic workplace tale of a hot barmaid and an infatuated waiter. The chemistry between the t...
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The Rebound
Bruce Lassiter
Allan St. James is a loverboy, hotshot cream of the popularity crop at North High that wants only tw...
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Riding Past Midnight - A Western Romance
Ella Cooper
Don’t Judge me!

I know I made the worst mistake of my life, but all it took was five years and no...
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Erotic Stories (desire and obsession Book 4)
mariano flynn
I am a full time writer of fiction and non-fiction. I am an electronic engineer, you could say that...
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The Last Good Day-Sample
Robert Kugler
Two best friends. One last day. One huge secret that changes everything!

Avery Young is having a...
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Dirty Martini
Elle Berlin
Read about the hot night that started it all … Something—or someone—had to inspire hot-headed chef A...
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More Than Friends
Kimolisa Mings
Would they risk a great friendship for love?

Imani James, a beautiful, black grad...
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Spy On Me
Marina Vivancos
Agent Matteo can admit that sleeping with his handler might not be the brightest idea he’s had. Afte...
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A Very Good Plan: Saving The Billionaire
David Stone
David Miles is one lucky man, but his family business, the source of his family fortune, is in troub...
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Beth - A Steamy Tale of Friendship and Self D...
Simone Leigh
A Prequel to 'Bought By The Billionaire'

To Love And Be Loved…

Is that the Same as Being in Lo...
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Kirstie's Tale
Simone Leigh
A Tale of Lovers & The Meeting Of Strangers

Kirstie lives alone and values her independence.

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Suleidy Merced
Ava O’Brien is drowning in her father’s gambling debt. She hasn’t finished paying the last one when...
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Welcome to New York
Luana Ferraz
Alana had a dream, a plan, a chance. Now, she has a secret.
Harry had a strict life, a family, a fu...
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The Voyeur
Ellis O. Day
When Patrick stumbles across a maid at La Petite Mort Club watching a couple have sex, he can’t keep...
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