The Prolific Works team is proud to present the Royal Romance Group Giveaway! We have a great selection of fantasy romance titles. Claim as many as you'd like and enjoy your new reads!

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Chloe After Dark
Elsa Joseph
Moving on from a painful break up with her boyfriend, beautiful Chloe Milano takes a job as a radio...
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The Beauty of Fragile Things
Emma Hartley
Margot DeWitt has it all—until an accident tears her life apart, leaving her brokenhearted.
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Daemon Bound
Ann Sepino
"A dangerous quest awaits them."

The Elven Princess is gone, and it's up to Nagmali to bring her...
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The Line of Succession
Harry F. Rey
Families are built on secrets, but when it's the royal family, the stakes-and the secrets-can be dea...
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Magic Touch Preview
Luna Joya
"Wickedly delightful." Publishers Weekly

Delia Donovan has everything under control. But ignorin...
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Shadow's Lyric
C.A. Worley
When Lyric is told by her father she will be crossing into the Otherland as payment for a favor he o...
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Pretend Princess
Carolyn Rae
Always game for an adventure, Plucky Patricia Parker is intrigued to be mistaken for a princess who’...
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