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Dwarves in Space: Tempus Interruptus
SE Zbasnik
The Universe Next Door: A Jake Corby Sci-Fi T...
Al Macy
Feeding Frenzy: Curse of the Necromancer (Sam...
Maaja Wentz
A Pirate's Life
Al Macy
S.G. Prince
Power, Sample
SE Zbasnik
Archer of the Heathland: Intrigue
J.W. Elliot
And They Lived
SE Zbasnik
Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Metaphorosis: a collection of stories
B. Morris Allen
The Antiterrorist: A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thrill...
Al Macy
How To Create A Villain or Let Sleeping Cande...
Jeremy Rodden
Night Plague
Rowan Rook
SCCunningham Books
Breakers of the Dawn
Zachariah Wahrer
Jaydon: A Dawn Saga Short Story
Zachariah Wahrer
The Heisenberg Corollary (Preview)
C. H. Duryea
The Metal Girl (A Mystical Slayers Short Stor...
Michael W. Huard
Anti Life
Allen Kuzara
Death of Day
Megan O'Russell
The Descendants
DH Bookstore
Children of The Gods: A Soren Darnega Novelet...
DH Bookstore
The Calling
DH Bookstore
Descendant of The Dammed
DH Bookstore
The Seeds of Dissolution
William C. Tracy
Tuning the Symphony
William C. Tracy
Journey to the Top of the Nether
William C. Tracy
The Twitcher Sketchbook
Kaleb Schad
Andre Pisco
Virgin Territory
Rhys Frey
Myleah (Preview)
Imani L Hawkins
Canal Dweller
Matthew Samm
The Unbroken - Chapter One
DH Bookstore
Tardy Bells and Witches' Spells PREVIEW: Wom...
Sarina Dorie
Parakeets and Pentagrams Sneak Peek
Hazel Reed
Rider's Genesis Preview
Lark Allen
Colored Rink (Book 1 of The G.A.M.E.Z. Duolog...
E Darkwood
T-Rexes & Tax Law
Rachel Ford
The Magic Shop
Justin Swapp
Beyond the Shallows
Kristy Nicolle
The Way of Mathias
Robert McDermott
The Crimson Cobra
Thomas Green
William's War
Robert McDermott
Demon Hunt
Thomas Green
Healer's Sacrifice
J. Elizabeth Vincent
The Stickman's Legacy
Benjamin Appleby-Dean
A Queen Rises
Lola Andrews
Joshua C. Chadd
Michael Timmins
Servant of the Crown (Heir to the Crown: Book...
Paul J Bennett
Lunar Hustle
Chris Lowry
Hidden: A Crossroads Tale
Lori Saltis
Ardalia: The Breath of Aoles (Book One)
Alan Spade
Lauren Harris
Illiya (Taylor Neeran Chronicles #1)
J J Mathews
The Poison Apple: Volume 1, Author Interviews...
Elizabeth Crowens