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The Prolific Works team presents the Breaking Boundaries Group Giveaway! This giveaway has all types of Science Fiction. Claim as many as you'd like and enjoy your new reads!

T-Rexes & Tax Law
Rachel Ford
The Deal
SCCunningham Books
Illiya (Taylor Neeran Chronicles #1)
J J Mathews
Utopia Gone
Zachariah Wahrer
The Disappeared (Short Story)
Irving Belateche
The Metal Girl (A Mystical Slayers Short Stor...
Michael W. Huard
A Hard Reset: (The Disruption, Book Zero)
C.A. Huggins
Divine Space Gods: Abraham's Follies
Martin Lundqvist
Em's Gator Club
Alia Hess
Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
The Legion and the Lioness
Robert Armstrong
On Silver Wings by Evan Currie
Discover Sci-Fi
Death of Day
Megan O'Russell
Adison Runberg
Boomers for the Stars (COMPLETE Hugo-nominate...
Sue Hollister Barr
Anti Life
Allen Kuzara
One Way Ticket - A Travelers Series Story
Alia Hess
Flight of the Mariner
Zachariah Wahrer
Extinction Lost
Nicholas Smith
Edge Of The Rings (Book 3) A TechnoThriller S...
Andria Stone
Spectral Shift Sample
Daniel Arthur Smith
A Phone Conversation
Emily Martha Sorensen
Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis
Perrin Briar
The Heisenberg Corollary (Preview)
C. H. Duryea
Four Crazy Short Stories
Charles Harvey
The Chrononaut
Kyle Alexander Romines
The Divine Dissimulation
Martin Lundqvist
Hero (The Hero Rebellion Book One)
Belinda Crawford
The Divine Sedition
Martin Lundqvist
Joshua C. Chadd
Chris Lowry
Joan the Made
Kristen Pham
Immodest Proposals
Jack Roach
Sonnet of the New Dawn
Wayne Meyers
Gray Tide in the East: An alternate history o...
Andrew Heller
Z-Minus 1
Perrin Briar
Rococo (COMPLETE novella)
Sue Hollister Barr
SHIPS (preview, 99 cents to read the rest)
Sue Hollister Barr
Breakers of the Dawn
Zachariah Wahrer
The Executioner
Sam Sea
Salvage Rat—An excerpt
Larry N. Martin
Memos From the Wasteland
M.P. Fitzgerald
Rite of Passage
Emily Martha Sorensen
Jaydon: A Dawn Saga Short Story
Zachariah Wahrer
The Gates of Hell
Jay Allan
The Girl on The Elevator
Greg Dragon
The Future of London Box Set (Books 1-3): L-2...
Mark Gillespie
Jay Toney
William's War
Robert McDermott
The Lost Memories of Meriwether Klark
Sarina Dorie
Yesterday's Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal...
Al Macy
If Looks Could Kill
The Mission to Lisa
Jeremy Brewer
Harbinger: Ancient Purge Book 0
M.C. Bass
Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
Alien Hunters by Daniel Arenson
Discover Sci-Fi
A Pirate's Life
Al Macy
Wayne Meyers
Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews