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Lost in the Clouds
R.K. Gold
Neville Canton was about as average as any man can be. He had a mediocre job, a pleasant wife, an on...
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Spring Tides
Anna Kensing
Captain Declan Fitzgerald has arrived in Port Towsend and tomorrow is the first spring supermoon. Fo...
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Firewing (Excerpt)
Jennifer R. Povey
Cat is living as quiet a life as the only human/demon hybrid in existence can; practicing as an alch...
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Stars of Ice and Shadow
C.S. Vass
He took an oath to kill…

…but prophecies don’t die.

Godwin is many things. Demon-slayer. Assas...
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Fae's Queen: The Crown of Myth
Mira Crest
If school is hell, Sophia and Audrey are definitely demons.

There's no point staying. One more s...
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The Prophet: Prelude - The Trial of Sa'riya
Don Newton
Ok, her twin sister was killed, but it was an accident…

When the Carolonian sun exploded, Zi’anna...
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When Dead Ain't Dead Enough
J. L. Doty
Praise for The Dead Among Us:
--"I loved the humor and the emotions from each of the characters…a f...
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Divine Blood (Guardians of the Maiden 1)
Beck Michaels
The Shadow demon nearly took everything from Dyna, and it would soon return for more. When she disco...
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Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Series Book 1)
Lisa Edmonds
The first time Moses Murphy’s granddaughter killed on his orders, she was six years old.
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Strayborn (Draev Guardians book one)
E.E. Rawls
Elemental Manipulation is tricky as Cyrus, a girl who can manipulate metal, and Aken the last Scourg...
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Trynda E. Adair
Death by sinking ship or death by sunlight? When Chthonia and Paimon boarded the fastest, strongest...
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The Music of Dragons
C.S. Vass
Not all demons have horns…

The legendary Odruri, assassin-hero of the Bloodwater Wars, has been s...
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Sons of Darkness Excerpt
Gail Z. Martin
When a series of disappearances, suicides, and vengeful spirits cause havoc and death along a remote...
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An Unforgettable Night
Brea Alepoú
Be human or demon everyone deserves someone!

Jay knew he shouldn't drive to the address on the my...
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Dangerous Decisions, A Wolf Creek Pack Preque...
TJ Finn
Three years ago, Jacob was banned from his pack and from seeing his own mate. Losing her nearly kill...
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Beneath Stained Glass Wings
K. Kazul Wolf
Dragons are gods to Ava—until she murders one. Thrust into a dragons-human civil war, she must choos...
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Tentacle Dreams
Lorelei M. Hart
A sweet friends-to-lovers romance featuring Gentry, a human omega so in love with his roommate it hu...
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Escape by J. R. Kruze
Living Sensical
Hunted by evil, her only escape was to find the light, but her broken wings couldn't carry her to sa...
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Iron Sorcerer
Melissa Matos
In the realm of Gargantua, human's lives are dictated by the rulers of the four domains: Dragons, Gi...
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Sneaky Goblins Book One
Rene Pfitzner
Dank got on the headmaster's bad side and was kicked out of assassin school. He finds his way into a...
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Magic Touch Preview
Luna Joya
"Wickedly delightful." Publishers Weekly

Delia Donovan has everything under control. But ignorin...
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Shark (A Preview)
Kevaughn Ryder
Silver Shark, youngest of the royal family of Near Shallows, has been having strange dreams for many...
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Quill Me Now (MM Paranormal)
Jordan Castillo Price
What if the words you wrote came true?

MM Paranormal Cozy: Spellcraft isn’t exactly a respectable...
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The Unleashed Creation
Betsy Flak
Vampire Duncan lives in a world where it's kill or be killed, whether that's by his vampire allies o...
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Beginner's Luck
Sunee le Roux
What if all the stories were true and creatures from myth really do exist?

Ambrose Davids has had...
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Sons of Caasi - Battle for Time - Special Edi...
P.C. Grant
In the wake of a shocking murder that shakes Spatium to its core, and with his best friend's life ha...
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Child of the Sword
J. L. Doty
Rat is no ordinary Thief

A small feral child, he steals what he can to feed the gnawing hunger in...
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Rachel Sullivan
Well behaved women seldom make history, but they still end up as the monsters in folklore.

The H...
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Pendulum Heroes
James Beamon
Melvin Morrow has become a barbarian warrior maiden. Will he be able to escape this new, dangerous w...
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Saving the Pack by Ovidia Pike
Pink Pearl Romance Reads
After the mysterious death of her predecessor leaves Sophie Alexander in charge of going back and fo...
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Beware the Violet (The Eulogimenoi Series Boo...
Maria Vermisoglou
Discovering supernatural creatures are real is one thing but learning I have powers and learning to...
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Bordello of Vampire Pleasures
Lynda Belle
He’s been screwed by his ex-wife.

Now, his friends are treating him to a brothel hook up to help...
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The Beast Hunter: A Keltin Moore Adventure
Lindsay Schopfer
A small-town hero. A numberless horde. No turning back.

Beast hunter and local hero Keltin Moore...
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Snow Blood: Season 1
Carol McKibben
Snow Blood Season 1 by Carol McKibben is the first in a series of short novels (240 pages) retelling...
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The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Boo...
noah michael
A fierce, cunning warlord, fighting to save his family.

A beautiful, lonely telepath, struggling...
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The Isle of Thamber
Timothy S Currey
In the massive City-Tree Arbalith, nothing matters more than wealth and prestige. Thurso Diamante is...
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Wolf Claimed
Mercedes Bleau
Michaela Mune’Dust hates werewolves. Harthen knows she’d give her left boot to be completely free of...
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Healer's Magic
Teagan Kearney
A powerful healer. A treacherous enemy. A deadly conflict.
Tatya's world slides into chaos...
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The Vampires Next Door
Elle Klass
Introverted bookworm Alison was forced to move to St. Augustine, Florida when her parents divorced....
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Never Marry A Warlock (Beware of Warlocks Boo...
Marilyn Vix
Never Marry A Warlock (A Beware of Warlocks Novelette)

Catherine walks in on her...
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Lorac: An Adventure to Save the Ocean
Neus Figueras
Lorac didn’t set out to be the voice of the ocean, but when the future is at stake, being a hero is...
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Munzie LeStrange
Divina’s pursuit of normalcy is about to be seriously derailed.
After a life of cursed luck, a beac...
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Of Cinder and Bone
Kyoko M.
After centuries of being the most dangerous predators on the planet, dragons were hunted to extincti...
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Memoirs of a Feline Familiar
Rae Stoltenkamp
Being a witch's familiar is no easy job. It comes with a set of rules which cannot be broken but it...
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SF/Fantasy Reader by New Voices
Living Sensical
New voices bring new ideas and new worlds to you in these six short stories of Science Fiction/Fanta...
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Devilfish (Preview)
Anna Kensing
Can Declan's love anchor Elliot in the maelstrom of discovering his true nature?

Somewhere, out i...
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Free Sample - Phil and the Death Machine
Dominic Green
Sure, it's cool to be special. No-one's saying it isn't. It's just less cool to have your brains g...
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Deep Magic (Deep Magic #1)
Gillian St. Kevern
Where does magic end and love begin?

Oliver Evans spent his youth spinning one t...
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A Brush with Vampires (The Vampire Hunters of...
Betsy Flak
He hunts bloodsuckers. She's got power like he's never seen. To keep their school safe, he'll put hi...
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Guardians of Lakaya: The Catalyst
Richmond Camero
For ages most of Anarri has been plagued by the Oblivian Rebellion. The Anarrians have felt its disa...
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Emily Israd
Hannah Sterling can change into a bird. Or at least, she could until this summer. When the Sickness...
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Jack Bloodfist: Fixer
James Jakins
Jack Bloodfist fixes things. That's what his card says, anyway.
When the orcs and goblins of Summer...
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S.G. Prince
A human outcast. An elven warrior. They're sworn enemies…until everything changes.


When Ve...
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Ivy Cross and the Witch of Death
AD Winter
Today I must face the trial. Most fail, but those who succeed become inquisitors—warrior detectives...
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The Forgotten Ones
Crystal Dawn
When Ariel’s friends convince her to go out for a ladies night with them, she doesn’t realize her wh...
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The Roman Conundrum
Stephen Lomer
Young country boy Roman meets and falls in love with a beautiful, mysterious young girl. Little did...
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Successors (Book 1 of The Warden)
Felicia Jedlicka
Somewhere in depths of the arctic circle lies a prison that holds as many secrets as it does monster...
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The Phoenix Project - Chapters One and Two pr...
D.M. Cain
Winner of the Kindle Book Review Best Sci-Fi Novel of 2016

As violence and terror...
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Crown of Gold
Isabella August
Money can buy a lot of things… but it can’t buy back your soul.

Selling his soul to the Lady of I...
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The Devil's Slave
R.L. Perez
Kismet is an eighteen-year-old witch in the year 1898. When the man of her dreams is killed, she wil...
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The Sleeping Princess Curse
Honor Raconteur
Young Sevana Warren is faced with the daunting mission of rescuing her best friend from the Sleeping...
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Evelina Everest
What would you do if you were dating a psychopath?

I stare at the woman sleeping next to me, her...
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Hunter's Passion
Tia Didmon
Her experiments ravaged his species. He wants to ravish her.

Dr. Racheal Smith will never forgiv...
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Rebirth (Land of Shifters Book One) Preview
Mira Crest
*Witches. Werewolves. Dragon Shifters. A centuries-old war is about to begin.

“They will kill us...
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Fate's Illusion (Truth's Harem Book 1)
Allyson Lindt
Lexi hates the gods.

Their arrogance. Their disregard for life. Their oppressive...
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Seven Crowns
Evelina Everest
A crown is dangerous. A crown split seven ways is deadly.

Sixteen-year-old Ana is far from royalt...
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Beneath the Mask
Melissa Matos
Prequel to Song of the Wild

Glade Balladeer just wants to be a famous bard, but she's stuck worki...
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Overland Quest
DC Ware
The King is dead! Or is he? Young Maverick Oldholm over hears a frightful rumor in the tavern "Foe...
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Love by Tentacles
Drea Roman
Gerard is a sweet water dragon. He swims around the seven seas, making friends at every port of cal...
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Seven Devils and a Rose (Reverse Harem Fantas...
Alexia X.
One girl. Transported to a realm full of magic and paranormal creatures. A rare pure power. Seven hu...
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Blood and Magic (Blood and Darkness Book 1)
Melissa Sercia
When Gray awakens from a three-year spell induced coma, she not only discovers her lover as the on...
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Blood Black
Paul Devereaux
"Puberty S U C K S. Combine it with turning into a freaking bloodsucker, and you're completely screw...
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Rosewood Book : The Guest House Witch
Desy Smith
Some hatred doesn’t fade with the passage of time…

Sage Rosewood’s heart nearly stops when she ar...
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Zoe Dawson
In this world gone mad......Lily’s biggest challenge is to survive.

Lily Starbuck...
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The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA:...
AJ Sherwood
“Company policy forbids me from accepting power from customers in exchange for any product on the sh...
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The Marshal of Magic Guns and Magic
Chris Lowry
You have the right to remain magic.

Any spell you use can be used against you.

The Marshal of...
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Lake Of Sins: Escape
L. S. ODea
Trinity has one week to find her friend, or she’ll be the next to go.

When the harvest is over, t...
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Snow Blood: Season 2
Carol McKibben
As dark forces close in on Brogio and his beloved children, the end of all vampires could come from...
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Alleycat (Sandstorm 2)
Allistair Firestone
Jin Hu knows he's different: from his funny name to silver ends on his hair; from different colorati...
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Origins: Adam
N.E. Michael
Adam should never have been born. A child of the light, he has the power to rewrite destiny. But des...
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Southern Bound
Stuart Jaffe
When Max Porter discovers his office is haunted by the ghost of a 1940s detective, he does the only...
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Free Gift With Purchase
Sarah Buhrman
Brigit pulls some strings to get her hands on a pair of shoes that could help her break into major f...
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The Tears of Pirene: A Fantasy Short Story Du...
Joshua Ian
Dip into the gaslight fantasy universe of the Magick & Mythos series with this two-story sampler. In...
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Ocean's Heart
Isha Fáng
In the blink of an eye, my life has changed. I’m cursed to be alone forever. Until someone t...
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Mythic Creature Trainer Book 1
Rene Pfitzner
The king’s dragon trainer is fired for accidentally unleashing a corruption on the royal stables. He...
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A Chronicle of Chaos - Prologue and Chapter O...
D.M. Cain
In a world ravaged by war, the paths of two warriors are about to cross with world-changing conseque...
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Jordane's Hunger
Tia Didmon
Kiki Sanchez is the best agent to graduate the PIA in years. Her skills have made her the newest mem...
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Desy Smith
Could you live on a planet separated by sexes?

In the year 2100, Earth is overran by The Disturbe...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
This is the first book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of...
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The Mirror Wars: The Marauder
Sean Hogan
She's an ill-tempered, hot-blooded, stubborn, fearless blonde who wields a magic sword with near lim...
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Portal to Eartha
E.E. Rawls
Lotus was once fascinated by the portal legend her dad told: of a world where people like her (the A...
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Horrors Next Door
Tom Coleman
Horrors Next Door is a collection of short Mystery, Psychological, Suspense, and Horror stories that...
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Adelaide and the Dragon Castle
Mustang Rabbit
Faced with marrying a wife-killing lord…

…Adelaide knows only one escape. But taking her brother’...
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Merry Friggin' Christmas: An Edgy Christmas C...
Joseph Cillo Jr.
2019 Illumination Book Awards Bronze Medalist!

"A funny book about Christmas and a dead comedy ma...
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His Precious Undoing, Hot Fae Knights #2
Lina Greyce
Lancelot du Lac has quite the reputation. He may or may not have had something to do with the issues...
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