Ready for a new Paranormal & Horror book to read? Check out these great titles! Happy reading.

Ernie Howard
A wall street hotshot learns the value of sharing in this fast-paced story. What darkness lurks in o...
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Claire Buss
Join us on a pumpkin spiced, ghost-riddled, spooky journey amongst the imaginations of fifteen horri...
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Dying for a Living
Sadie Sawyer
Cam Daniels is the name & kicking ass is the game. You'd think working within a supernatural-policin...
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Gingerbread: A Dark Fiction Story Duo
Joshua Ian
Miss Mona is the sweet old lady who lives on the fourth floor. Or, at least, that's what all her nei...
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Legends: Catori
Maggie Adams
First in the Legends Series, a spinoff of the popular Tempered Steel Series, Frankie Cavanaugh has a...
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Under the Hallow Veil (Editingle Halloween An...
Editingle Media
In the dark of night, they come to life. Whispers through haunted tombs. Cackles beneath a dreaded m...
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Merry Friggin' Christmas: An Edgy Christmas C...
Joseph Cillo Jr.
2019 Illumination Book Awards Bronze Medalist!

"A funny book about Christmas and a dead comedy ma...
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Snow Blood: Season 1
Carol McKibben
Snow Blood Season 1 by Carol McKibben is the first in a series of short novels (240 pages) retelling...
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Memento Mori: Tales of the Book People
Michael G. Williams
A dangerous and enticing stranger sings ballads along Appalachian ridges drenched in moonlight....
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The Sailor and the Sea Queen
Charles N Palmer
If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more inte...
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Take Me to Your Liter
E.A. Jones
An ordinary gas station in an ordinary city in the middle of nowhere suddenly finds itself at the ce...
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The Harvest Moon
Joshua Ian
England, 1834.

On the night of a harvest moon, in the shadow of Mabon, Malcolm comes across a qua...
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