Pandora's Box: not the latest in a long line of clunky, high-priced charms but a Greek parable about the perils of not following directions.

All of these titles feature a character who has made Pandora their personal role model. They have been specifically warned not to do something or they simply do something they know full well they shouldn't have done, only to have it blow up in their (and everyone around them's) faces.

So come on in, pick up a title or two, and be glad that this time Pandora isn't you.

Grea Alexander.

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Stella Rose Gold for Eternity
Sandra L. Vasher
Just how long is eternity?

Stella Rose knows her doting boyfriend, Myles, will do anything for he...
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Dragon Cave Mountain (Book 1 of the Everstone...
Scott Ferrell
Tired of being bullied, little dragon, Zookie, runs away from home. His mom looks for him, but she's...
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Prince of Poison: Stoneborn Volume Ø
J Douglas
In a land of legends and sorcery, Shepard is unremarkable. Although he is the youngest of three heir...
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