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SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops - Raid on Afghanis...
Eric Meyer
Unknown Enemy: Broken Earth Book 1
Nick S. Thomas
Desert Alien Passon
Sharon Barrington
Knights of Visaria: An Epic Fantasy Adventure...
Michael Thomas
Mark I Jacobson
Murder on Autarch 1
Andrea De Magistris & Michele Perni
In the Silence
M.R. Mackenzie
Walnut Street: Phantom Rider (Book 3 in The B...
Sherrill Joseph
Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan
Eric Meyer
Battle Earth
Nick S. Thomas
The Dealership
Michael Bronte
Rabbit Hole (White Rabbit Trilogy Book 0)
Desiree Moodie
Lilac and Old Gold, A Zeke Traynor Mystery
Jeff Siebold
The Backworlds
M. Pax
Kindred Intentions
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
The Tango School Mystery
Peter Bartram
Found Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
Agatha's Story
Charles N Palmer
Spycraft and the Lash
Scott Sowers
Watch Over My Tears - A “Bruno—The Rookie Yea...
David Six
Shoes on the Stairs
Jan Steele
Sax Man's Journal
Michael Bronte
ForeverQuest: Online Battle Arena - A LitRPG...
Alex Maven
Frank Daley
Lindy Hudis
Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
The Moor Road
Glenn McGoldrick
Sanctuary's Flight
K. Gorman
The Potential
David A. Davies
Martin E. Silenus
Cosmic Jury Duty
Ernie Howard
Dismantling Vindictiveness
Lillian Melendez
Once You Go Black
Alex Cage
Discovery of the Five Senses
K.N. Smith
Warrior King (Star Legions: The Terran Wars B...
Michael Thomas
Hypercage: Instant Reality Prequel One
Craig Lea Gordon
Echo Six: Black Ops - Raid on Somalia
Eric Meyer
The Handyman
Michael Bronte
Craven's War: A Call to Arms
Nick S. Thomas
Auditory Viewpoint
Lillian Melendez
Martin E. Silenus
Curse of the Ottawa
Frank Daley
When the Wood Is Dry: An Edgy Catholic Thrill...
Joseph Cillo Jr.
Killing Faith (A Gabriel De Sade Thriller Boo...
Eric Meyer