Check out these wonderful works that feature worlds that are drastically different from Earth. These realms might be filled with magic or exist at the far reaches of the universe. Select your book and enjoy!

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Shadow Mage: (Witchling Wars: Luxra Echelon,...
Shawn Knightley
Demon, incubus, poltergeist, devil. I’m stuck with labels forever.

My year of studying abroad in...
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The House on Infinity Loop
Bonnie K.T. Dillabough
A cat who is not a cat. A key that doesn't fit anything and an impossible door that leads Jenny to a...
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Shadow Ruin
Dreadnought (Michael Jones)
Brief: Eron, a clansman who would love nothing more than the city-dwellars to pack up with their imp...
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Escape From Samsara
Nicky Blue
Barry's been patient, but after twenty-seven years of trimming hedges for people he hates, he's had...
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Siege Weapons (The Galactic Captains Book 1)
Harry F. Rey
Captain Ales is a lonely smuggler at the galaxy’s Outer Verge, and the last of his people. He’s been...
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Zedger: Edge of Zion (Sample CH 1-4)
Elysia Lumen Strife
Sample Chapters 1-4: War's in their DNA. Marci aims to destroy the biotech military program that cre...
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The Last Run
J. Scott Coatsworth
Sera is the last runner from Earth, bringing badly needed supplies to the Tharassas Colony across a...
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Shale City: A Punk Fairytale
Dani Julian
Twinglader swordsman Ashe has sacrificed his freedom in exchange for his grandparents' lives. Now, t...
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The Twelve Tasks: Book One of The Djed Chroni...
Katharine Wibell
The precarious balance between two opposing forces has begun to shift and threatens the very existen...
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production) What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corner...
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Jesse Nolan Bailey
Rashell’s brother has vanished. When the local villagers express no concern, she enlists the help of...
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Simon Carr
In our darkest hour, one woman rose, like a raising woman, rising up, up she went, rising up, just l...
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Amelia & Athers
Timothy S Currey
Amelia & Athers had worked together well countless times. This mission was just like any other....
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The Ascendancy: Symphony of Embers
Ryan Anthony
Behold Celestia, a planet lost across the vast expanses of space and time. Blooming with romance, f...
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Frances Pauli
Dolfan believed in the Heart... until it gave her to another man.

When Vashia arrives on Shroud a...
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Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Versi...
Melinda Kucsera
Featuring more magical mayhem, ghostly visitations, monsters behaving badly and Sarn, an untrained m...
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Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
A boy seeking adventure… A world that's dying… A war that may have no winners…

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The Isle of Thamber
Timothy S Currey
In the massive City-Tree Arbalith, nothing matters more than wealth and prestige. Thurso Diamante is...
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The Harvest (The Ark Project, Prequel)
J.W. Elliot
They don’t just want her body. They want her mind.

Willow has just graduated as the youngest PH.D...
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Flight Of The Vajra
Serdar Yegulalp
At first they were only three. A brilliant starship designer, haunted by the death of his loved ones...
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Quiet Post (Preview)
Stephen Goldin
The Quasiverse: A land that’s a combination of Oz, Wonderland, Discworld, and general surreality, wh...
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The Beast Hunter: A Keltin Moore Adventure
Lindsay Schopfer
A small-town hero. A numberless horde. No turning back.

Beast hunter and local hero Keltin Moore...
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Found Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
Elite Warrior Princess Shelbi MacPhadden is beautiful and brilliant, she roams the galaxy fighting f...
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The Leprechaun Wars
Wes Snowden
"The Leprechaun Wars by author Wes Snowden is a mystical leap into the mind of a master storyteller....
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(Sample) A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: A Tale...
Steven Savage
Goddesses can send you email, demons skulk on a distant prison-world, and the most popular soap oper...
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The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars
Donovan Neal
"I will be God!"

The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars is book one of a four part series tha...
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Wind of Choice (8 ch sample)
Marty C. Lee
Desperate to escape his fate, winged Ahjin strikes a bargain with his god. But is his freedom worth...
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A Time & a Place
Sarah Buhrman
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The Earth Tigers
Frances Pauli
The burrows of the Great Ones are stirring...
The burrows of the Great Ones are stirring. H...
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A Tale of Infidels
Erik A. Otto
* Finalist for Foreword Indies Book of the Year Award *

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Alasdair Shaw
In the aftermath of a battle a ship drifts helplessly in space. Is the strange new warship they were...
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The Jealousy of Jalice
Jesse Nolan Bailey
The land and its people are corrupted. The Sachem, chief of the Unified Tribes, is to blame.

It i...
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Presidential Risk
Michael Bronte
Dead presidents play a supernatural game of Risk, the board game of world domination, and their move...
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The Magical Amulet: A Short Story
Grace and Thomas Lockhaven
A forbidden cave, an endless battle and three curious dwarves.

When three young dwarves begin to...
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Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Anna left at dawn.
She entered the Martian desert, all alone.
Where is she going...
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Lords of Magic: The Journey Home
S Zahedi
Jameela is on the quest for the truth about the death of her parents.

After Jameela's parents die...
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Issaura's Claws: Book One of The Incarn Saga...
Katharine Wibell
According to legend, when the world was young, the goddess Issaura appeared among men. Those who tre...
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The Ghost's Revenge
Ian McFarlane
The Red Dragon series follows three modern teenagers trying to thwart Merlin's doom-filled prophecy:...
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The Weave of Fate
S.L. Matthews
Abandoned by some, forgotten by all...
Chapter I: The Weave of Fate

Tucked away in a forgotten p...
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Our Dried Voices
Greg Hickey
In 2153, cancer was cured.

In 2189, AIDS.

And in 2235, the last members of the human race trav...
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Scavenger Hunt (Preview)
Stephen Goldin
A sexy, exciting interstellar romp.

The idle rich of galactic Society had little...
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Silicon Love
Trevor Morris
As the biological clock ticks for Bella Norm, Eddie Norm has an obsession – for a child with the gif...
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REPLAY Undoing the Apocalypse
Trevor Morris
Alex is a graphic genius who can create a superhero but does he have the courage to become one? Appl...
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D.A.R.I.A. Book Five
Martin E. Silenus
D.A.R.I.A. is a super human Artificial Intelligence Artilect entity that learns, recognizes, monitor...
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Dark Gods 1: Take the body
Arthur King
Seth, a young soldier is sold into slavery by a corrupt city watch. In order to escape he is forced...
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production)
What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corn...
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Once upon a Shoe: A Cinderella Retelling (Sam...
A. R. Summers
Magic shoes, family problems, and a midnight deadline… How much do you really know about Cinderella’...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
This is the first book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of...
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Unexpected Tales
Marty C. Lee
Four short stories from Kaiatan, the world of Unexpected Heroes.

In an underwater village in Noka...
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Leap A Night Portals Short Story
Ernie Howard
In Charlotte's world, there are no happy days only dreary moments. A world that used to be wonderful...
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