Do you enjoy contemporary, book-club-style novels that almost any reader will love? We're talking Contemporary Upmarket Fiction here, and that means unique, interesting characters with lives to live, passions to be explored, and personal discoveries to be made.

Genres vary and hybrids are included: a combination of science fiction and romance, perhaps, or a historical mystery infused with crime and tragedy. Some with romance sub-plots may be sweet whereas others may feature doors wide open. We don't include erotica, however, or strictly romance, young adult (YA), or anything that features gratuitous violence or bloodshed.

Read one or read them all, and spend some quality time in another world, privy to the joys and struggles of characters just like you or like nobody you've ever heard of. And enjoy the work of authors who have worked hard to create a spellbinding reader experience. You'll be glad you did.

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Throwing Rules to the Wind
Travel writer Zara Castillo has a lot going for her. Her career’s taking off, and her boyfriend, Mat...
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If There Be Giants [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Amidst the ruins of an ancient stone circle in Cornwall, a team of archaeologists uncovers a strange...
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Colors - A Novel
Leah McClellan
Everything is about color for 36-year-old Autumn: blue skies, sunsets, clouds, storms. Flowers. Vege...
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Flash Back [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Generation Xer, Charlotte Fenn wishes she had made different choices, and the what-ifs are piling up...
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What Friends Are For
J.B. Reynolds
When the mask breaks, what lies beneath?

When you’re a young mother living in a small town miles...
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Bunny Man's Bridge: A Sampling from a Short S...
Ted Neill
A sample from the award winning author's short story collection Bunny Man's Bridge which Kirkus call...
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Winter of the Gods and Other Stories
E.P. Clark
"So which danger are you, grandmother? Wolves? Snow? Hunger? Or something other?"
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Karina Evans
It is the 22nd of July, 2001. Eloise Katherine Bennett, a devoted mother of two, has died after fall...
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Living with Saci
M J Dees
When your partner goes missing and you become the prime suspect, what do you do?Living with Saci is...
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