Evil: Big bad, scary in real life.

In fiction, it's just the catalyst to awaken the hitherto sleeping protagonist's inner hero...unless of course said character was actually already/destined to be evil all along.

So turn on as many lights as you can, arm yourself, call for extra backup and get ready to tangle with theses paragons of peril.

Grea Alexander.

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Miael: Family
Grea Alexander
Curiosity may well have killed the cat, but it damned for eternity the phoenix and the seraph.

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Karen Cogan
In this romantic crime novel, Steve Yarrow returns from war to discover that his hometown is no safe...
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Brothers and Kings Conquistadors: Book 1
Dennis Santaniello

As his empire collapses before his eyes, King Manco Inca...
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Amarna Book II: Book of Hawara
Grea Alexander
King Mursili II’s only hope to restore his own Hittite Kingdom to greatness is to restore the Amarna...
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Rebellion Book III: Book of Choi
Grea Alexander
What if everything you thought you knew about yourself and everyone around you was a lie?

For the...
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