Like a few laughs with your laser pistols? Enjoy some chuckles with your charms and spells? Then take a look at these light and funny fantasy and science fiction stories and tickle your funny bone today!

Ye Olde Magick Shoppe
Claire Buss
Join Ned Spinks, Chief Thief-Catcher, and his sidekick Jenni the sprite in this short story about an...
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Toonopolis: Gemini (Preview)
Jeremy Rodden
Toonopolis is a cartoon city that is home to the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings in the un...
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Tardy Bells and Witches' Spells PREVIEW: Wom...
Sarina Dorie
Nerdy high school outcast, CLARISSA LAWRENCE, has always felt like she didn’t belong in this world....
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Martin E. Silenus
WTF-OMG Volume II is the second eBook in a collection of short articles dealing with personal and hu...
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Ace Tucker Space Trucker
James R. Tramontana
Ace Tucker is a man who was raised in outer space and taught how to be human by a Russian cyborg chi...
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Personal Ads for Witches
Sarina Dorie
In Tardy Bells and Witches’ Spells, Clarissa Lawrence is asked to fill out an intake form by a recru...
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Escape From Samsara
Nicky Blue
Barry's been patient, but after twenty-seven years of trimming hedges for people he hates, he's had...
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A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: A Tale Of Dead...
Steven Savage
Goddesses can send you email, demons skulk on a distant prison-world, and the most popular soap oper...
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Post Oh!pocalypto Poppycock
Truant Memphis
A Farce In Three Acts - Who knew the apocalypse could be so much fun? Follow our cast on an adventur...
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Memoirs of a Feline Familiar
Rae Stoltenkamp
Being a witch's familiar is no easy job. It comes with a set of rules which cannot be broken but it...
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Emotimancers and the Impending Feline Overmin...
B.B. Pratt
Ever suspect your cat was plotting against you? 

In a world in which magic is real but novels hav...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
If you like JK Rowling or Brandon Sanderson or both, you will love this book. It’s a wonderful novel...
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Chris Lowry
He didn’t really have a choice.

You put a pig in a dress, but that doesn’t make it pretty.

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A Halloween Carol
Sean Hogan
A Christmas Carol with a Halloween twist!

Fourteen-year-old Zach Hall begins Hall...
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Merry Friggin' Christmas: An Edgy Christmas C...
Joseph Cillo Jr.
2019 Illumination Book Awards Bronze Medalist!

"A funny book about Christmas and a dead comedy ma...
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The Game: Beta Testing
A. V. Dalcourt
Virtual reality developed a taste for blood

The annual school play is about to broadcast its live...
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Suburban Luchador: Tales from the Burb Side
Philip Rivera
Meet the man who's making minivans and mowers sexy again. In Suburban Luchador: Tales from the Burb...
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Metaphorosis: a collection of stories
B. Morris Allen
Metaphor, allegory, parable - tales to excite the imagination. A collection of speculative fiction s...
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