Ready for a new Science Fiction book to read? Check out these great titles! Happy reading.

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Disciples of Trikaal
Varun Sayal
Aru must choose...
...use his powers to protect his family...
...or give up his life to save milli...
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Land of the Free (Sneak Preview)
Michael W. Huard
In the year 3016 the United States of America has fallen into great despair. The advent of advanced...
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The Untethered
SW Southwick


The Roble Arrow thundered...
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Salvage Rat—An excerpt
Larry N. Martin
Star Force pilot and hero Wyatt McCoy left his medals and career behind after the Rim Wars, disillus...
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Fulfilled Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
Shelbi MacPhadden is a Warrior Elite Princess, despatched to a distant galaxy to make contact with a...
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The Strand
Robert Zoltan
When dimensional agent, Guy, flees to another universe from an alien menace, he is forced to leave b...
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Life After The Fall
G J Ogden
Life after the Fall is perilous and hard, especially for the rangers that protect the walled settlem...
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The Memory Thief
Sarina Dorie
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Ytterbium Fires
Bill Kandiliotis
Treasonous humans, corporate goons, a mysterious crime scene on board a space mine, a snuff collecto...
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