The Prolific Works team is proud to present the Big City Love Group Giveaway! This giveaway has romance books with urban settings. Claim as many as you'd like and enjoy your new reads!

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Bought by the Billionaire Box Set One
Simone Leigh
Elizabeth is a student working in a dead-end hotel job to makes ends meet, but she dreams of a bette...
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Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies
Evy Journey
Chanterelles garnished with cream and mayhem.

Gina’s grandfather was a French che...
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The Spark
Sally Wile
Emily wonders if she and her fiance have lost their spark. Determined to end the distant disinterest...
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Tides of Time Preview
Luna Joya
She had a very good reason for breaking the first rule of magic. And the second one.

Cami Donova...
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One More Squeeze
Trevor Morris
Jack Decker is a man well versed in the dark arts of law and order…precious commodities in a Britain...
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Take My Heart(Sample)
J. J. Sorel
Driven by revenge, after being jailed for a crime he didn’t do, Bronson seduces Ava, the girlfriend...
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The Voyeur
Ellis O. Day
When Patrick stumbles across a maid at La Petite Mort Club watching a couple have sex, he can’t keep...
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Welcome, Reluctant Stranger
Evy Journey
Saddled by a past mysterious to her, Leilani is devastated when she learns why her family fled their...
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A Very Good Plan: Saving The Billionaire
David Stone
David Miles is one lucky man, but his family business, the source of his family fortune, is in troub...
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Falling Grace
Pandora Snow
“Another day, another lay - if I play my cards right tonight.”

Am I a superficial bastard who can...
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Diamonds & Desire: (The Priceless Collection...
Angelita Gill
Nothing shines quite like a diamond...

Jordana Shaw thinks taking her sister's place at a charity...
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One Day, One Eternity
Rosalie Jardin
Adrian Campos has the perfect life. He’s good looking, popular, athletic, and the guy every girl in...
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Zoe Dawson
GENRE: Steamy Rom Com

Jack has some 'splainin' to do!

That's r...
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Return of the Vampire Hunter
Catherine Green
Just your average Cheshire housewife – who used to hunt vampires!

Hannah Oakley...
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The Problem Client (Preview)
KP Maxwell
An irresistible client. A carnal arrangement. What if he doesn’t want it to end?

Damien Lambert h...
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First Second Coming
Jeff Pollak
In First Second Coming Earth's new God has a message for mankind: shape up or face dire consequences...
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Sweet Temptations: The Boss's Daughter
L.M. Mountford
Temptation just got even sweeter…

Richard Martin thought his troubles were over, but they were on...
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Thin Love
Eden Butler
Kona pushed, Keira pulled, and in their wake, they left behind destruction. She sacrificed everythin...
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You Only Need One
Lauren Connolly
She’s agreed to give him her kidney, but he wants her heart.
Ben Gerhard's kidney failure has progr...
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Chloe After Dark
Elsa Joseph
Moving on from a painful break up with her boyfriend, beautiful Chloe Milano takes a job as a radio...
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Magic Touch Preview
Luna Joya
"Wickedly delightful." Publishers Weekly

Delia Donovan has everything under control. But ignorin...
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Maggie Adams
Hi! I’m Miranda Blake and this is my story. Well, sort of. It’s more like a twisted fairytale, if yo...
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Relentless Habit
Karen Renee
Cecilia escapes her sordid past by moving to Orlando and reinventing herself. Staying clean is chall...
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The Art of Hanky Panky
Olivia Savage
What would you do if a hot, rich, famous artist asked you to pose for one of his painting?

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A Case Of Longing
Lily Baines
The one person she wants is off-limits to her...
Chicago detective Rose Harper prides herself on h...
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