The Prolific Works team is proud to present Hold the Sugar, We’re All Spice! We have a great selection of spicy titles for you to discover.

Requiem of the Soul
A. Zavarelli
I was born with noble blood in my veins.

Heir to a powerful dynasty.

Wealth. Power. Aristocr...
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Pretend You Love Me
Willow Winters
All I have to do is pretend.  When the lights go out and the chill of the cell creeps in, I know I m...
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Good Little Girl
Jade West
Spoiled little rich girl, Aimee, has it all. Showered in gifts by a jet setter mother who's never ho...
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Release Me
Murphy Wallace
I knew I had to help Brynn Holliday the moment I saw her restrained to her bed in a cell at the Mead...
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Xavier Neal
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Marriage & Madness
Trisha Wolfe
Marriage & Madness was first a deleted scene from Marriage & Malice, a standalone novel within the U...
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Vows - A Web of Sin Novella
Aleatha Romig
Years ago, Sterling Sparrow offered me the secrets to remove the invisible veil of secrets and lies...
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Metamorphosis: A Machiavellian Short Story
Bella Di Corte
When one of New York’s most elusive and dangerous men, Capo Macchiavello, came to me with an arrange...
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