Love romance? Love queer romance? We got you.

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Ace of Squids
Elliot Cooper
Provoking The Professor
Malcolm Bryant
Wearing the Scars
Tyranni Thomas
A Wanderer's Safe Haven
Maggie Kane
A New Year
J. Scott Coatsworth
Tiger's Mate
Bookarama Publishing
Lessons in Love
Endeavour Media
Lighting Up The Night
Lina Langley
Naughty Officers
Malcolm Bryant
Let It Snow - A Christmas M/M/F Romance
Abra Harrington
Baby Sugar, MMF Interracial Bad Boy Erotica
Green&Silver Publishing
Prince of the Stable
Sydney Blackburn
Between the Lines
J. Scott Coatsworth
Buckle Up
Karen Botha
The Sold Virgin
Kristine Robinson
Lina Langley
Young Forever - a gay erotic thriller (previe...
Nathan Bay
Fan Mail
Joel Abernathy
Moon-Bright Tides
RoAnna Sylver
Mirrors (The Curse of Lanval Book I)
Rebekah Dodson
Like No One Is Watching
Jaime Samms
The Stewardess's Diary - Mexico
SM Pratt
Returning for Ryder
Noelle Rahn-Johnson
Daddy comes home
Suzanne Hart
O Captain, My Captor (The Queen's Runner, Epi...
D.B. Francais
After The Storm
Lina Langley