Whether they're flying missions on spacecraft, using super-human powers, or fighting dragons, these women will thrill and amaze you. Sit back and find a new heroine to cheer for!

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The Seers - Preview
Katherine Bennet
Nora is a Seer, and the Seers must die.

Exiled from an advanced and secretive sci...
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The Blooming
Katherine Bennet
New guard Sophia will do what it takes to protect her country—except lose her father. When she volun...
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The Aldar Dominion
Katherine Bogle
The Aldar Dominion saved the world.

Then they damned it.

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The Girl Who Digs Graves
Willie Dalton
“Life as a gravedigger was tough. Now that I’m dead, it’s even worse.”

Helena Pie...
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Shadow Within
Amber Forbes
A colony destroyed. A family killed. A girl abducted.

Kara thought she'd have a normal life livin...
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Cardboard Castles
K.L. Young
Two worlds. One impossible choice.

When seventeen-year-old Josilyn begins to see...
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The Trash Tier Dungeon (Preview)
Kaye Fairburn
For these two, getting along means life or death.

Minette, the lowest ranked sent...
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Ace Carroway and the Great War
Guy Worthey
When the Great War breaks out, Cecilia Carroway lies about her age and enlists as a pilot. She earns...
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Black Rose
Katherine Bennet
The coup murdered Annabel’s parents. Now they’re coming for her.

Annabel’s famil...
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The Heights of Perdition
C. S. Johnson
Aeris St. Cloud wants nothing more than to win her father's love and the acceptance of her family un...
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The Sigma Surrogate PREVIEW
JT Lawrence
The Handmaid's Tale meets Mr Robot in this smart, sexy, cyberpunk thriller.

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Winter of the Gods and Other Stories
E.P. Clark
"So which danger are you, grandmother? Wolves? Snow? Hunger? Or something other?"
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Beneath the Mists (Of Astral and Umbral #1)
Bonnie L. Price
Their world is broken and so are they.

Arianna is an outcast. Her affinity for da...
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The Dragonslayer's Sword
Resa Nelson
Astrid assumed all dragons should be killed – until she met one that changed her mind.
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Shades of Circle City (Preview)
Stephanie A. Cain
Chloe is Catholic, a cop, and conventional, not necessarily in that order. But when a run-of-the-mil...
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Hathor Legacy: Burn
Bright Street Books
On the planet, Hathor, a new threat may destroy the fragile alliance between the Guardians and Novac...
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Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
A secret hidden in plain sight. A devastating attack. And a world hanging in the balance.
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When Life Happens, Don't Blink
Sarah Buhrman
This is an anthology of tales both fiction and fantasy. Some are shorts, some are excerpts. All are...
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Sudden Exposure
Thorn Osgood
Engaged in the Ephemeral Passage, Earthos and Corilan planned to marry when they left. Now that they...
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If There Be Giants [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Amidst the ruins of an ancient stone circle in Cornwall, a team of archaeologists uncovers a strange...
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Guy Estes
One will be taken. One will be exiled. One will go mad.
Aleena and Anlon are two warriors gifted by...
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J. Elizabeth Vincent
In the standalone short story and prologue to Raven Thrall, Mariah, a sheltered girl with a dangerou...
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Peace Force (Book 1 in the Harriet Walsh seri...
Simon Haynes
Harriet’s boss is a huge robot with worn out batteries, the patrol car keeps asking her out and thei...
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The Black Lily
Mandy and G.D. Burkhead
Courtesan. Spy. Assassin.

Across the Kingdom of Arestea, the shadowy league of pr...
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The Chronicles of Jegra: Origins of the Gladi...
Tristan Vick
Abducted by aliens. Made a slave to the Galactic Gladiatorial Syndicate. Injected with a serum that...
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To Kill a King
Jack Geurts
Could you kill the person you loved to save your people?

The war with t...
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The Society of Imaginary Friends (Book 1 of T...
Kristen Pham
Belief is a powerful magic.

Valerie Diaz has a power that she can't contain, and...
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Innocence Lost
Patty Jansen
She wanted to run her father's business. She got a mad prince.

Johanna Brouwer h...
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Beyond the Veil - Sample
Jeannie Wycherley
Some doors are best left closed.

Detective Sergeant Adam Chapple had always assum...
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Ancient Enemies: Legends of Lairheim, Book 1
Tora Moon
A fight for survival. A terrifying prophecy. One woman’s courage is the world’s only hope… ...
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Escape From B-Movie Hell
M T McGuire
If you asked Andi Turbot whether she had anything in common with Flash Gordon she’d say no, emphatic...
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Waiting to Fly
Sherry D. Ramsey
Teenage orphan Lucy Daz is carving out a busker’s life on Damyadi Space Station, saving what credits...
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Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold (Romance...
Demelza Carlton
A beastly prince. An enchanting beauty. Only love can break the spell.
Once upon a time…...
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Flash Back [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Generation Xer, Charlotte Fenn wishes she had made different choices, and the what-ifs are piling up...
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Outliers (Sample)
Kate L. Mary
In the dusty ruins of the world, three groups exist: the Sovereign, the Fortis, and the Outliers. Li...
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The Newcomer
Alasdair Shaw
From a young couple struggling to look after their baby to a new captain's reluctance to take comman...
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Glitch in Eternity
Earl T. Roske
"Glitch in Eternity" is a novelette about a childhood incident that causes Trudee to question the tr...
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Enchanting The Fey Complete
Rebecca Bosevski
They say she is enchanted, the most powerful of Fey. He’s been sent to kill her, before she destroys...
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Guy Estes
They killed the witch’s parents. They killed the witch’s teachers. But they failed to kill the witch...
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Mother's Misfortune
Cordelia Castel
Candide Perrault believes that she is the most elegant in the Seven Kingdoms. To finance her high-so...
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Only The Dead Don't Die
Surviving the pandemic’s un-deadly aftermath is only the beginning!

It happens without warning. T...
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SAMPLE of The Cost of Survival
J. L. Stowers
Survival isn’t about who’s right; it’s about who’s left.

Earth spirals into chao...
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Witchmark ~ Daughters of Hecate (Prequel)
Meredith Medina
Daughters of Hecate ~ Prequel

Everyone has to start somewhere, unfortunately for...
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The Demons We See
Krista D. Ball
Society was rocked when the Cathedral appointed Allegra, Contessa of Marsina, to negotiate the delic...
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The Rose Crown
Catharine Glen
When soldier Marian thwarts an attack on the king, she is targeted by a secret cult bent on restorin...
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The Warrior and the Holy Man
Kyra Halland
The Path of Haveshi Yellowcrow: When ill fortune strikes Haveshi's clan, the remedy is devastating f...
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Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Book One)
Thomas K. Carpenter
There are exactly one hundred halls of magic to choose from. Ever since our parents were killed I kn...
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The Leopard Child
C L Smith
Kadogos is fifteen years old and will soon become a woman and a wife.

But first...
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Marilyn Peake
Shade: Girl on a hero’s journey, going from smart-ass to badass.

Thanks to her offbeat mother, Sh...
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Chasing a Cure: A Zombie Novel
RM Hamrick
Everyone's lost someone to the outbreak. Audra has a chance to get hers back.

To earn access to t...
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Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern (Book I in the Dr...
Selah J Tay-Song
Fire magic destroyed the ice kingdom. But it didn’t kill her. Now only she can save what remains of...
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Demon's Daughter
Amy Braun
Wanted by law enforcement. Chased by drug cartels. Hunted by demons...

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Saving Cadence
ID Johnson
One night can change everything....
Aaron McReynolds is the Leader of a team of Vampire Hunters and...
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The Untold Tales of Dolly Williamson
J.M. Bannon
Fredrick “Dolly” Williamson is a young detective in the special branch at Scotland Yard.  When he is...
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The Savior
Sam Sea
When an assassin is captured and tortured, he receives the lifesaving help he could had only prayed...
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Lunacy on Omega Station
Gentry Race
What will you do to survive?

Commander Laura Hawke and crew investigates a stran...
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Sisters of Wind and Flame
Jennifer Ellision
Before she was the King's assassin...
Before she hunted Elementals...
She thirsted...
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Energy Unveiled Trilogy Sampler
Barbara Snow
The Energy Unveiled series forges through scenarios in which mystical interplay produces profound ef...
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Diary of Night #1
Will Allred
Feared. Hated. Hunted. Vampires exist, but not those of myth and legend.

They are...
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The Blood Will Dry (Sample)
Kate L. Mary
Five years after an alien invasion, the earth is unrecognizable and Diana Foster wants nothing more...
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Alone (#1 Flamestone Trilogy)
Holly Hook
Elaine has spent her sixteen years proving that she’s nothing like her murderous father—but no one w...
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Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Anna left at dawn.
She entered the Martian desert, all alone.
Where is she going...
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Beneath the Canyons
Kyra Halland
Silas Vendine is a mage and a bounty hunter, on the hunt for renegade mages in the vast, sparsely-se...
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Courtney Konstantin
She thought she was prepared for the end of the world… until it actually came.

Alex Duncan is a m...
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Joan the Made
Kristen Pham
On Joan Fasces' eighteenth birthday, she discovers that she is cloned from the famous Joan of Arc. B...
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K. Gorman
It’s been six weeks since Allish Statia, former prima ballerina at the Mersetzdeitz Ballet, broke he...
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Shadows of Lela
Tessonja Odette
A forgotten princess.
A deadly quest.
A threat that hides in shadow…
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Allies and Enemies: Fallen, Series Book One
Amy J. Murphy
Fight. Survive. Repeat.

The rules for a soldier of the Regime are simple. &#...
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The Magestaff
Cordelia Castel
An enchanted staff. An epic adventure.

Cendrilla is swapping her glass slippers f...
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Shadows of the Gods
S.M. Schmitz
As a powerful demigod, Selena has been running from the gods who control the government agency, the...
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The Liar's Tales
K.D. Ritchie
What if you dared to seek everything you ever wanted? Five stories intertwine in a land thick with p...
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Wrong Memories
Edna Curry
Lucy Johnson’s world is about to be turned upside-down. She wakes up in an unfamiliar hospital in St...
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Laura Greenwood
The day a child begins to walk, they're told not to go to the other side of the moon. When Caden is...
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A Different Kind
Lauryn April
Payton Carlson’s life is perfect – until the night she’s abducted by aliens. Now she’s plagued by pi...
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To Love A London Ghost
Cornelia Amiri
Steampunk Romance:
A Wild Ghost Chase
On a mission through the bustling narrow st...
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Yesterday's Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal...
Al Macy
Private detective Eric Beckman can read minds.

Although he reads only the consci...
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Courtney Konstantin
Corpses infected with a mysterious, incurable virus are roaming free throughout the United States, f...
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Dead and Buryd
Chele Cooke
“You are an inmate, not a medic. You should get used to that.”

On the planet Os-V...
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The Fall of Vaasar
Rosalyn Kelly
Everyone loves a festival in Vaasar. The town is peaceful and the townsfolk relish a good show. But...
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Frontier Lost
Lee Waters
No submarine crew that’s sailed to the ceiling has ever survived.

Will the Fronti...
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Zoo Girl
Jennifer Bardsley
Known as "Female Number Five" at the Earthling Zoo, Emilia relies on her wit and cunning to survive....
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To Die Again - PREVIEW
Sandy Parks
A woman who doesn’t die.
A human who isn’t easy to kill.
A man who murders for pow...
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The Lazurai by J. R. Kruze
Living Sensical
An unintended result of a terrorist bombing a children's hospital, the Lazurai could kill a person w...
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Star Mage Exile
J.J. Green
A star mage risks everything.

Carina Lin is a slum brat turned merc, with a twist. She’s also a m...
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Rider's Genesis Preview
Lark Allen
Saving another’s life may save her own.
As the child of the kingdom of Salia’s most powerful mages,...
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Edgehill: Book 1 in the Kingdom of Shadows Se...
Thomas Rouxville
Athena is just four years old when a strange man whisks her away in the night and leaves her with he...
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Eden Wakes
C.S. Harte
Journey into a world that shouldn't exist, where illusion teeters on the edge of reality. Deep down...
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The Girl Without Magic
Megan O'Russell
Death would have been easier, but the Siren wasn't through with her.

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Water-Child Jizo: A dark historical fantasy s...
K. Bird Lincoln
A Japanese picture bride in San Francisco fights for peace at an immigrant camp on Angel Island in t...
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Prelude to Insurrection
JC Kang
Only an orphan half-elf spy can avert a rebellion before it starts.

Jie’s superio...
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Valandra The Winds of Time Cycle (Book 1) Sam...
Tristan Vick
The Twelve Kingdoms are under threat.
Arianna De Amato witnessed her master’s death at the...
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Too Wyrd, Runespells #1
Sarah Buhrman
Book 1 of the Runespells Series

Nicola was never a hero. She was an everyday sing...
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